Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

November 27, 2013

Local author shares stories of her family and friends

By Devan Strebing devan.strebing@flyergroup.com
Hendricks County Flyer

---- — INDIANAPOLIS — Local author Lynne Gleason collects e-mails and stories between her family and friends, and has now released two books from them.

Lynne Gleason grew up in a big family from Ohio. She joined the hotel business and is now the Executive Housekeeper at Country Inn and Suites in Indianapolis.

Her work has taken her all over the country; from New York to California, from Texas to Washington D.C. She now has been living in Indianapolis for the past two years since her first book was published.

“Please Forward, Do Not Delete” is Gleason’s first book that was written because her best friend told her to write a book with all of the stories she has.

“Since I travel all over, I don’t get home that much, so I thought writing a book should be nice,” said Gleason. “This helps me keep in touch with my family such as my nieces and nephews, it keeps us together.”

She self-published the book with a company called Xlibris, a book publishing company created by authors. She started selling the book through gift shops and by word of mouth.

“It was my first writing experience,” she said. “It gets easier as you keep doing this. It has been a lot of fun and I have met a lot of good people.”

She published her second book, “Please Forward, Do Not Delete Book Two” about a year after the first book came out.

“I was not in this to make money, I did this for my family,” she said.

She has since had a book tour in Medina, Ohio, California and at a library in Chicago where they promoted new authors’ books.

She is now in the process of writing her next book, which will be about her experiences she and others have had in the hotel business. She hopes to get it finished by next summer.

“I want to put good messages out there, to bring a positive outlook on life,” she said. “I want to bring happiness to someone’s life; I have cute little stories that hopefully will make someone smile.”

She goes on to say, “Always make time for something that you want to do, life is too short,” she said. “Do not take any moment for granted.”

You can find Gleason’s books on Amazon; http://www.amazon.com/Please-Forward-Do-Not-Delete/dp/146918043X or http://www.amazon.com/PLEASE-FORWARD-NOT-DELETE-BOOK-ebook/dp/B007XA686A.