Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

October 12, 2013

Brownsburg OKs project for SR 267

By Steven Penn steven.penn@flyergroup.com
Hendricks County Flyer

---- — BROWNSBURG — At Thursday’s meeting, the town council here voted to approve the transfer memorandum of agreement for portions of State Road 267 from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).

Also included in the memorandum is the Town of Avon and Hendricks County.

The three municipalities will be paid to take control of S.R. 267, making it a county road, and will be tasked with paving portions and maintaining the road going forward.

Brownsburg will now be responsible for a 4.3 mile portion of S.R. 267, which runs for the town’s corporate limits in the south near County Road 200 North to C.R. 700 N.

The town will receive $250,000 from INDOT in a lump sum payment. According to information from the town, it intends to use the money for the planning and design of improvements to the section from 56th Street to U.S. 136. The plans will begin in the next few months, starting with stakeholder meetings with business and home owners in the area, along with input from the council, the redevelopment commission, and the public.

Brownsburg Town Manager Grant Kleinhenz said this project is important to the town.

“The town considers improvements and developments on S.R. 267 a high priority, but the state has for some time made it clear that the road was not a priority for INDOT, choosing instead to focus on the new Ronald Reagan Parkway interchange with I-74,” Kleinhenz said. “Gaining control over the road will allow the town to make much-needed improvements to help traffic flow, improve safety, add aesthetic and gateway elements, and spur the economic development of a new downtown Brownsburg as envisioned by the recently completed Comprehensive Plan.”

Based on the agreement for the other municipalities, Avon will receive 2.48 miles, while the county receives 2.83 center lane miles, which is the total length of the road on both sides.

As for the monetary amounts the agreement states, Avon will receive $1.4 million, and the county will receive three installments over three years of $3.7 million, $5.4 million, and $5.4 million.

In Avon, the plan includes the building of a bridge on S.R. 267 over the railroad tracks south of U.S. 36.

The Hendricks County Commissioners first voted to approve the transfer at its meeting Tuesday morning and Avon is still in the process of negotiating with the county.

Avon Town Manager Tom Klein said the negotiations have to do with design of the bridge and coordination of funds.

“The town council had said by resolution in a previous meeting that they won’t approve the agreement until they have an agreement with the county regarding the coordination of the design of the bridge and the control of the funds,” Klein wrote in an e-mail to the Hendricks County Flyer. “The council has sent a memo with the resolution to the county that requested that the town assume control of the funds and the design and that the county engineer could participate in the review of design and construction since over 90 percent of the construction will be on the town’s portion of S.R. 267.”

Klein explained because there is some risk involved, the town council feels it is appropriate to have control of the money.

“The town is willing to assume the risk of paying for expenses that go over the $13 million for the construction of the bridge,” he said. “If we are willing to assume the risk, then the council had said that the town should have control of the money for the project. I’ve spoken with county engineer John Ayers and he said he is working on the agreement that meets the request of the town council. This will have to be approved first before the INDOT agreement would be approved.”

The next step, after the county and Avon agree on terms, is for the agreement to be sent to the state for final approval.