Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

April 29, 2013

Sparkplugs bullied by Bulldogs

By Corey B. Elliot

SPEEDWAY — The Speedway Sparkplugs fell to visiting Brownsburg Saturday afternoon 12-4.

The Sparkplugs were playing the back end of a dual-school doubleheader with the first game resulting in a loss against Tri-West.

When the Bulldogs arrived for the second game, senior shortstop Mike Hartnagel was keyed up as he hit two two-run home runs that led Brownsburg to victory.

The first inning started with an early Bulldogs lead as Brownsburg (8-5) took a 3-0 advantage sparked by Hartnagel’s leadoff single that eventually resulted in the game’s first run.

Speedway (8-3) wasn’t a push over, though.

The Sparkplugs had senior Austin Gosnell in scoring position on third after a Nicholas McCormick ground out to first in the bottom of the first frame, but junior Matthew Turk left him stranded after striking out.

While the day was looking up for the Bulldogs, the frustrations mounted for the Sparkplugs. The Bulldogs put up five more runs by the top of the fourth inning, making it 8-1 over a Speedway team that just couldn’t find its groove.

“We talk a lot about how character is defined on how you react on moments of adversity and today would be an adverse moment,” Speedway coach Marcus McCormick said. “Depending on how we bounce back will define us as a baseball team. We’ve got to put this game away and look forward to conference games ahead of us. Baseball is a long season.”