Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

August 14, 2013

Brownsburg Junior Football League Results

Hendricks County Flyer

---- — MINOR 2

Bill Estes Bears 12 - OrthoIndy Cowboys 0

The Bill Estes Bears defense led the way with great play from Cam Edwards, Hank Giles, Ariyan Ballance, Jayson Marks and Seth Weedon against the Cowboys. The OrthoIndy Cowboys defense proved to be a good test for the Bears, until Carter Lang converted a third-and-long, setting up a short Jake Dunn touchdown. The Bears sealed the victory when their offensive line made a huge hole, allowing Dunn to score on a long run in the game’s closing minute. It was a great team effort by the Bears.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Packers 30 - Bill Estes Bears 0

The third-grade Dick’s Sporting Goods Packers started off the season like a well-oiled machine. All eleven parts functioned as a whole, allowing six different players to score a touchdown or a two-point conversion. The Packers’ “Purple Curtain” defense allowed just one Bears first down. The Packers committed zero turnovers and all center snaps met their mark.


Tonn & Blank Steelers 18 - Bill Estes Bears 0

The Tonn & Blank Steelers won its opening game against the Bill Estes Bears with Dylan Hollen running for the first score late in the first half. The Bears defense was led by Jacob Thompson and Trey Replogle and caused three first half fumbles and kept it scoreless early. The Steelers started the second half with a long run by Will Smith for a score. Kalen Carroll finished up the scoring on a touchdown run for the Steelers.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Packers 8 - OrthoIndy Cowboys 0

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Packers had a solid season opener with an 8-0 win over the OrthoIndy Cowboys. The score came on a fourth-and-goal run up the middle by Garrett Dalton. Cade Garner had several good runs to keep the Cowboys defense on their toes. Defensively, the Packers were able to shut down the powerful Cowboys running game.

Long Electric Broncos 6 - Captured Memories Colts 0

A hard-fought defensive game was scoreless with less than five minutes to go between the Broncos and Colts. The tie was broken when Dylan McKelvey broke a tackle at the line of scrimmage and ran 70 yards for the game’s only touchdown. The scoring play was blocked to perfection by first-year players Corbin Sprunger, Braeden Jones, and Brayden Blythe. The Bronco defense was led by Gavin Garcia, who had seven tackles, a fumble recovery, and a near interception.

MAJOR 5 & 6

Zavasites.com Lions 28 – Long Electric Broncos 25

The Zavasites.com Lions got out to an early three touchdown lead midway through the second quarter. The Long Electric Broncos, however, mounted a furious second half comeback led by Kobe Nunally. The Lions, with touchdowns from Daniel Guernsey and Leister Perrin, held on for the three-point victory.