Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

February 10, 2013

Braves send Warriors from postseason

By Corey B. Elliot

BEECH GROVE — The Danville Warriors (12-11) girls’ basketball season ended at the hands of Indian Creek (19-5) in Saturday night’s sectional championship game as the Warriors were outscored 24-10 in the third quarter after trailing 20-15 at halftime. The 14-point difference was the product of two separate 7-0 scoring runs by the Braves that ultimately put Danville away, 68-34.

Danville missed a healthy amount of opportunities in the first half but still managed to keep the game close by disrupting Indian Creek’s shot attempts with an effective 2-3 zone. When the Braves were getting looks, they were slightly off but Danville’s inability to capitalize hurt the Warriors’ chances.

“It was positive, it was good but you could just tell by their body language they were frustrated they couldn’t get the ball in the basket,” Danville coach Terry Hammons said. “Let’s face it, that’s how you win ball games. You have to get the ball into the basket and we just couldn’t get the ball to fall tonight.”

The Warriors made 13 of 63 from the field while Indian Creek found little to be frustrated about hitting 28 of 60. Many of those were credited to Ally Lehman, who finished with a double-double, scoring 24 points while adding 16 rebounds. Lehman’s tremendous effort sparked a third quarter the Braves will remember forever and one the Warriors would rather forget.

“They got on a run in the middle of the third quarter where they got some finishes then we’d have a costly turnover and then they’d have a layup and that just deflated us,” Hammons said.

The Warriors were never able to get anything going beyond sophomore Morgan Bear’s double-double. Bear scored 11 points and added 13 rebounds but it was just one piece of a collective effort that Danville couldn’t put together when it mattered most.

Danville’s lone senior, Whitney Taylor, was unable to add enough points and lead her Warriors to a comeback in what was her last game.

For coach Hammons, Taylor didn’t need a standout performance to validate what she meant to the Warriors basketball program.

“(Taylor) is a good girl and she stuck it out,” Hammons said. “Danville basketball hasn’t won a lot of games over the past few years and she didn’t quit. I think this will be one of those in the end that she’ll look back and be glad she did it.”

Despite falling short of a sectional championship and an opportunity to play for a regional championship on their home court, Danville and Hammons will now take reflect upon this year before starting the offseason grind towards redemption in what looks to be an opportunity for more success next season.

“This is going to be one of those that hurts right now but I think for those coming back are going to look back and say we need to step up and we need to go at it,” Hammons said. “Every athlete needs a break, physically and mentally, some will go on to spring sports which I encourage but we will probably start getting ready to pick things up after spring break.”