Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

September 18, 2013

Brownsburg Junior Football League Report

Hendricks County Flyer

---- — MINOR 2

Bill Estes Bears 14 - Long Electric Broncos 0

The matchup was a very competitive contest in which both teams struggled to move the ball due to stingy defenses. The Broncos scored first on a long run by Jake Dunn, behind the blocking of Jayson Marks and Miles Palmer. Cameron Edwards sealed the victory by breaking multiple tackle attempts on his way to a touchdown. The Bears’ defense was led by Ariyan Balance, who had multiple tackles for loss, and by Hank Giles, Carter Lang, Matthew Gatton, Ja’Ron Cole, Seth Weedon and Brendan Lattimer.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Packers 8 - Captured Memories Colts 0

The only score during the defensive game came on the first play from scrimmage when Logan Dottenwhy ran 65 yards up the middle behind Tanner Ammerman and Isaac LaRoche. The two-point conversion was scored by Isaiah Koonce, who took the handoff from Roderick Rumple on an off-tackle play. The Packers’ defense was led by Ethan Elzey, Tyler Banich and Logan Reiffet. The Colts had a good day on defense as well, and were led by Baylor Hamilton. The Colts’ offense was led by Tre Brown and Samuel Nelson.

Tonn and Blank Construction Steelers 21 - OrthoIndy Cowboys 0

The Steelers built on last week’s victory, thanks in part to the blocking of Nolan Jones and Gavin Sterling. Anthony Rinehart scored the first touchdown on a long run. Ryder Ross then added two TDs and a two-point conversion. Fullback Iosua Stephens also added two points on a tough run. Highlights for the Steelers on offense: Ross connected with Ty Jarvis to complete a pass for the second week in a row; Caden Dougherty had several big runs at fullback; Dylan Hopf provided key blocks at wide receiver; and Griffin Simpson played well at quarterback in the second half. On defense, the Steelers’ Dylan Vandeveer had several tackles for loss and Carlton Gates continued to play a key role. The Cowboys’ defense was led by Alex Weldy.


Bill Estes Bears 19 - Captured Memories Colts 18

The Bears squeaked out a big comeback win, paced by two Walker Brodt touchdowns behind strong blocking of Tyler Jones, Keegan Moore and Graham Brodt. The Bears overcame a strong effort on both sides of the ball by the Colts’ Mikey Cabreros.

Long Electric Vikings 20 - Tonn and Blank Construction Steelers 12

The Vikings’ Tye Moffitt led scoring with two hard-fought touchdowns and a pass to Cory Hill for a two-point conversion. Hill also scored on a 75-yard run. Vikings linemen Cole Teany, Damian Bowling, Jaden Watts, Hunter Truitt and Stephan McCray provided gaps for backs Uriah Wade and Christian Dybedock. RJ Ball had multiple tackles, Connor Hostetler had a fumble recovery and Ryan Miller drove a kickoff returner backwards with a boot off the tee.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Packers 12 – Captured Memories Colts 8

The Packers took an early lead when Cade Garner had a 70-yard rushing TD on the second play of the game. Late in the first half, Isaiah Street added another six points with a 45-yard scoring run. Packers Parker Jones, Brayden Purcell, Garrett Dalton and Tristen Sylvester also carried the ball and contributed positive yards. Defensively, the Packers only gave up a few big plays. Jones and Garrett Dalton both had interceptions that halted Colts drives. The Packers line of Michael Nesbitt, Xavier Cummings, Max Palmer and Rob Coomer excelled on both sides of the ball, creating holes on offense and making tackles on defense.

Bill Estes Bears 14 - Long Electric Broncos 0

Jacob Thompson scored his first touchdown of the year in the closing seconds of the first half. In the second half, Trey Replogle added a 71-yard TD, his third of the year. Jordan Turley, Dawan Gray, Joe Hood, Evan Morrison, Brayden Pence, Spencer Howard, Hayden Wilson, Noah Reynolds and Adam Bingham led the defense.


OrthoIndy Cowboys 21 - Long Electric Broncos 0

Paul Smith had a touchdown catch, helped by the blocking of Austin Lehn and Kobe Britton. Bryce Nabors and Edward Sullivan had rushing touchdowns. The Broncos were led by Shane Milner.

Zavasites.com Lions 12 - Bill Estes Bears 0

Defense led the way for the Lions. Miller Peterson, Luke Leatherman, Brycen Cook, Cyrus Anton, Daniel Grice and Daniel Guernsey all played strong along the defensive line. Special teams also contributed, with a kickoff returned by Leister Perrin for a touchdown. Max Cookerly led a strong defensive effort for the Bears.

Tonn and Blank Steelers 8 – Captured Memories Colts 6

The Steelers put together a complete game for their first win of the season. They played solid defense, stopping a last-second drive by the Colts. The defense was led by Tyler Eslaire, Riley Cauley, Jalen Wilson and Asher Webb. First-year player Donovan Harmon made it into the end zone for his first touchdown, with a lead block by Matt Irwin. The two-point conversion was successful on a pass from Kanon Kelley to Luke Lacey. The Steelers offensive line worked hard all game and was able to overcome the absence of Evan Allen. They were led by Austin Nelson, Shaan Milharcic and Dylan Sindlinger. The Steelers’ Brayden Johnson had key runs and Aidan Bennett added solid blocking to help secure the victory.