Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

March 4, 2011

BCSC hires assistant superintendent

By Courtney Essett

BROWNSBURG — BROWNSBURG — The school board here approved the hiring of Kathyrn “Kat” Jessup as the new assistant superintendent at Monday night’s school board meeting.

Jessup will replace Dr. Daniel Shepherd, who left the corporation in December.

She has been a part of the corporation’s staff since she began teaching at Lincoln Elementary School in 1994. She spent 11 years as a classroom educator at Lincoln and Brown elementary schools. In 2005 she became assistant principal at White Lick Elementary School and took over as principal in ‘08 when former Principal Kris Quandt retired.

Jessup hails from Northwest Indiana. She earned a bachelor of science in elementary education from Butler University and a MA in education from Ball State University.

She resides in Brownsburg, with her husband and daughter.

“Being named the assistant superintendent of Brownsburg Community School Corporation is a great honor,” Jessup said in a statement. “Although I will certainly miss the daily contact with the wonderful staff and students I have been privileged to work with at White Lick Elementary, I look forward to this opportunity to have a greater impact on the future of education in the BCSC.”

School officials at Brownsburg say Jessup was instrumental in developing and implementing a student behavior program called Darts and Demerits, that has been successful in reducing discipline issues at the school.

BCSC Superintendent Dr. Jim Snapp said, “Her knowledge and background, particularly at the elementary level, will be especially helpful as she continues supporting those in schools who work diligently to educate our students.”

Jessup’s hiring as assistant superintendent falls in line with the reshuffling of positions within the corporation as part of its savings and reductions plan. The school board recently approved $3 million in budget cuts and will not replace the associate superintendent’s position left vacant by the retirement of Jan Viars in December. The elimination of the associate superintendent’s position will save the district $140,000.

Snap’s annual salary is $150,000 per year. School officials say Jessup’s salary has not yet been set “because the salary structure and ranges for 2011-12 have not yet been determined.”