Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

November 13, 2013

Jeco Plastic Products open house marks 40 years

Hendricks County Flyer

---- — Jeco Plastic Products marked 40 years of supplying high strength precision pallets to pressrooms with a recent open house.

At the event, customers, employees, suppliers, business associates, and their families were able to witness Jeco products being produced, as well as see numerous displays illustrating how Jeco products are used by industry and governmental agencies around the world.

Commenting on the event, Jeco Plastic Products CEO Craig Carson said, “Jeco is proud to demonstrate the Jeco quality and consistency in pressroom pallets that has made Jeco pallets the standard of the printing industry since 1973. We look forward to serving industry for another 40 years.

“The popularity of Jeco pallets and Jeco rotational molding technology prompted the company in recent years to extend its plastics expertise into the area of plastics thermoforming. Today, Jeco is rapidly gaining a reputation for the ability to mold exotic materials used in aerospace and defense products. Although pallets for the automotive, printing and converting industries remain our most important products, Jeco molded plastic products today find application across a broad spectrum of technologies and structural applications. In many cases, the computer simulations necessary for these products are made possible by our collaboration with Purdue University and several federal agencies which furnish supercomputer power to smaller businesses.”

Jeco Executive Vice President Ann Carson added, “Jeco Plastic Products is not only a significant central Indiana employer, but brings revenues to the Indianapolis area from around the world. At the moment, we are producing precision plastic products for a major German automobile manufacturer and for several large printing companies in Japan. The Jeco reputation for quality and engineering excellence plus a superior workforce enable us to attract worldwide business in a very competitive marketplace. Based on the success of our 40th anniversary open house, we are already planning our 50th celebration.”

Jeco Plastic Products designs and manufactures extremely durable pallets and containers for the worldwide printing and automotive industries, as well as other industries handling heavy product which must be protected from damage. Other Jeco capabilities include the ability to produce large plastic structural components made with continuous carbon fibers in a variety of engineering thermoplastics. Jeco designers employ complex internal reinforcement to impart dimensional stability and structural integrity to their products. Jeco production facilities include rotational plastic molding and thermoforming capabilities unique in North America.

Jeco Plastic Products is in Plainfield, and may be reached by calling 839-4943 or by visiting the website at www.jecoplastics.com.