Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

September 11, 2013

Danville School Board gives CNC report

By Devan Strebing devan.strebing@flyergroup.com
Hendricks County Flyer

---- — DANVILLE— The Danville Community School Board presented its ECA (end of course assessments) results for Central Normal Campus on Monday night.

The Central Normal Campus 2012-13 report was given of the ECA results for students going through Central Normal Campus. They had 66 students going through in this school year.

The mission of the CNC is to assist the main schools in offering a spectrum of learning services, which can expand the effort of providing an opportunity for all students to achieve academic excellence. Through alternative learning paths, such as early college classes and personalized learning labs, some students considered at-risk of not graduating or earning promotion, to those of high ability, can benefit from a non-traditional school day that meets their individual, intellectual needs and goals.

The ECA results came out with the students in the program struggling with the algebra program, excelling with the English program, and making good progress in the biology program. First time test takers did very well.

At the end of each school year the corporation is required to produce a student outcomes report for the Indiana Department of Education. Based on the 66 students, 38 percent earned a high school diploma, 36.4 percent attained their ISP (Individual Support Plans) goals including graduation, and 12 percent made adequate progress toward their ISP goals. One student out of 66 was expelled, and overall 89 percent graduated, or 33 out of 37 eligible seniors. Fourteen percent of the graduating seniors had used CNC at some point to help achieve their high school diploma.

The Early College High School Classes (ECHS) at DCHS is able to offer some students the chance to earn college credit. Students attend their regular school campus for most of the school day, and then have the opportunity to attend the CNC for an early college class. The early college class can provide participating students the chance to earn both their high school course credit, as well as three college credits per course. The courses offered each semester will vary depending upon the students surveyed about potential courses. The courses are taught by either teachers of DCHS credentialed to teach college courses and/or professors on loan from Ivy Tech Community College.

The Personalized Learning Center (PLC) provides an alternative learning path for students in grades six through 12, who are generally experiencing failure accruing credits toward a high school diploma in grades nine through 12, or failure at earning promotion to the next grade level in grades six through eight, for various reasons.

All enrolling students must be referred by the building administration of their respective middle school or high school. Daily schedules for students are based upon individual student needs, as outlined in the student’s individual service plan and determined by the administration of the student’s referring school corporation. Some students benefit from enrolling in the PLC at the Central Normal Campus for a portion of their school day, and then attending the main campus of their referring school for the remainder of the day; other students may attend the PLC and CNC all day.