Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

April 2, 2014

'No Soliciting' stickers offered

Hendricks County Flyer

---- — Avon Town Councilman Dave Jackson is offering new and improved “no soliciting” stickers for Avon residents.

The stickers were first offered about 10 years ago, he said. Some of those original stickers are still in use today but show a good bit of wear and tear.

Jackson decided this year to revise the stickers by offering two versions to Avon residents upon request.

No tax dollars are being used for the stickers as this is a personal effort paid for privately.

“While we have do-not-call lists available for our phones, there is no do-not-knock list for our homes,” Jackson said. “These stickers can serve as a simple way to alert others that you do not want to be disturbed with unwanted solicitations.”

Jackson said the traditional version is available, which reads “No soliciting or canvassing” for those who want to discourage all unwanted intrusions. A second version reads “No soliciting (local AVON youth groups welcome) for those who are OK with area youth coming to their doors.

Residents can request their choice of sticker by e-mailing Jackson at DaveJackson46123@yahoo.com.

Supplies are limited and preference will be given to Avon residents until May 1