Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

June 21, 2013

Bio-Response Solutions breaks ground


DANVILLE — Bio-Response Solutions, Inc., a waste treatment systems manufacturer, broke ground at the site of its new facility Friday at Danville Commerce Park, with plans to create 25 new jobs by 2016.

According to a press release from the company, the Hoosier company will invest $1.1 million to build and equip the 14,500 square-foot facility, which is expected to be operational by early next year.

The company has shown it’s also invested in being environmentally friendly by featuring heating powered by solar panels, which will be installed by Rinehart Heating and Cooling, Inc., in Danville.

At the groundbreaking, Joe Wilson, chief executive officer of Bio-Response Solutions, thanked the many people and entities that helped make the expansion possible.

“I want to thank the people of Danville for making this such a wonderful town to live in,” he said. “It’s the best place in the world to live and anybody that doesn’t live here doesn’t know it and we can keep it that way.”

He also took the time to thank the town of Danville.

“I want to thank the town of Danville and (Danville Town Manager) Gary Eakin for grabbing me and taking me where I needed to go and getting the things done we needed to get done,” Wilson said. “We have a cheerleader here in (Danville Town Council President) Marcia Lynch. She’s always our cheerleader, always been one of my cheerleaders and we really appreciate it.”

He also thanked Hendricks County for tax abatements and the town of Danville for waiving the connection fees, which will make the expansion a smoother process.

Wilson said the construction for the facility, which will house the company’s entire operations, will be handled by local company Edwards-Rigdon Construction Company in Danville.

“I just decided to use my neighbor to build the building, I didn’t go out and get quotes,” Wilson said. “I knew Jeff (Rigdon); I think he’s an awesome guy. What I didn’t know is just how good he is and how much work he takes out of doing this, how easy he makes it on me.”

Wilson added he wants his company to be of value to the area and help the environment.

“We’re all in this together … We want to benefit local Indiana companies making parts for us, and we want to benefit local businesses doing this work,” he said. “We’re going to show off this solar (panel heating system). We’re putting a gas meter on the solar unit so that we can see if we augment with any gas and how often and when. I got a feeling it’s not going to be too often.”

Lynch, who was also present at the groundbreaking, said she’s excited for the company’s expansion to the town.

“The town of Danville is pleased to welcome Bio-Response to Danville,” she said. “We love businesses that are forward-thinking and town-oriented and family businesses like this one, as well.”

Founded as a family-owned business in November 2006, Bio-Response Solutions designs, produces, and installs decontamination systems that destroy infectious organisms in waste water produced at research facilities, universities, and pharmaceutical companies around the world. The company also specializes in the production of alkaline hydrolysis systems, which dispose of animal carcasses and human bodies while impacting the environment with only one-tenth of the carbon emissions produced by cremation.

For more information on Bio-Response Solutions, visit the website at www.bioresponsesolutions.com.