Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

March 12, 2013

Curves offers fitness program in Avon

By Brenda L. Holmes


Sandi Hurst joined Curves and fell in love with the program.

She’s now the owner of the Curves location in Avon.

“There has been a Curves here in Avon for about seven years,” Hurst said. “I became the owner here about a year and a half ago.”

She started out as a member of the ‘ladies only’ fitness center.

“I really liked the program,” she said. “They have great training.”

Hurst said the mission of Curves is to straighten women.

“And we want to see them,” she said. “We’re not like a lot of gyms that just want to get your membership and don’t care if they see you again.”

The premise of the workout program is a system of strength machines and walking pads. Every 30 seconds, a sound is made and members switch to the next station on the circuit.

“The Curves Smart program uses a computer program,” she said.

Members receive a personalized key that plugs into each machine and keeps track of the workout.

“It’s like having your own personal trainer,” Hurst said.

“Everything is tracked in the computer. You have your own goals. At the end of the workout you get the number of calories you burned.”

The newest addition to the program is Curves Complete. It was implemented at the Avon location on Jan. 1.

“Curves Complete makes this a total weight management center,”

Hurst said. “It keeps track of diet and exercise. We also used encouragement throughout coaching.”

Hurst and Kathy Banta, one of the facility’s employees, are certified Curves coaches. The staff also includes Mary Lofton, Debbie Adair, and Carolyn Terry.

“We have a great staff,” she said.

The facility’s fitness circuit is designed to offer a 30-minute workout.

“We went to the Cleveland Clinic where they did the research,” Hurst said. “Other gyms can help people lose weight but they’re often losing muscle. We want to help people work on their metabolism.”

The said the diet programming has been designed to be used for a lifetime.

“This diet is safe for diabetics too,” she said. “It’s a plan you can use for the rest of your life.”

Members who join Curves and choose the Curves Complete package receive a Tools Success Kit that includes a pedometer, water bottle, supplements, and other items to help make the program more user friendly.

The website offers meal plans tailored to each individual member.

“You can just print out your shopping list and go,” Hurst said. “And once you join Curves Complete, you’ll have the web access from then on. Even if you stop coming in for the workouts.”

She said the new program has been well received and the staff enjoys giving members encouragement.

“It’s simple,” Hurst said. “You’ll notice we want to add protein to your diet as well as good carbs. It’s very flexible.

We even have an ‘on the go’ guide to help you eat out.”

The program also includes “heat and eat” options using popular frozen foods like Lean Cuisine.

“We want you to lose body fat, but not muscle,” Hurst said.

She said the Curves community is also a good way for women to meet new people.

“And we have members of all ages,” Hurst said. “I have some members who are in their 20s and ladies who are in their 80s. It’s a one-size-fits-all fitness levels program.”

The Curves in Avon is the only one of its kind in Hendricks County.

“We really want this place to be a refuge for women so they can feel comfortable,” Hurst said. “We can help you lower your blood pressure. I came myself to help with osteoporosis.”

Each membership is tailored for the individual. Women who want to lose 20 or more pounds are encouraged to go with a six-month plan which costs $12.95 a week. For members looking to lose less, Hurst recommends a three-month plan which is $14.95 per week.

“After the initial membership, the cost per month does go down,” she said.

The Curves in Avon is at 9719 E. U.S. 36. For more information or to make an appointment, call 209-9500.