Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

November 13, 2013

Councilman looks forward to serving on AIC board

By Devan Strebing devan.strebing@flyergroup.com
Hendricks County Flyer

---- — Hendricks County Council member Larry Hesson was elected treasurer of the Association of Indiana Counties (AIC) Board of Directors and began his one-year term Nov. 1.

“I am very pleased and honored that I was elected to become treasurer of the Association of Indiana Counties,” Hesson said. “I'm looking forward to this experience.”

The election of the officers in the association is done by the executive board at the AIC annual conference that was held in Switzerland County this year.

“In order for someone to be a member of the AIC, they must be a county elected official or a department head,” Hesson said. “Usually officers advance to the next office every term, but yet sometimes they aren't re-elected.”

Hesson has been president of the Indiana County Councils Association for three years now, and has been on the Hendricks County Council for 21 years.

The council committee seeks changes in legislation to improve county government. When the general assembly passes legislation it is not always possible to know what problems will arise from it, Hesson said.

“When it affects county government, AIC will propose changes in legislation to improve the legislation and solve problems we are not foreseeing,” he said. “After the legislation is passed, we’re the first ones to seek out the problems and solve them in general assembly.”

In past sessions, one of the major goals was to get local funding for roads and streets, and Hesson said they were able to receive that funding. For the coming session, the members will discuss the terms for county level officials who now serve two terms with a total of eight years, but may change.

Hesson says his role is to guide the association toward the next year, to help with the process of the next term and the next annual conference.

The next elections will be at the 2014 conference.

The AIC board of directors sets policies and legislative goals for the association. The AIC’s board of directors met with AIC legislative committee members during the annual conference and adopted its 2014 legislative platform.

The Association of Indiana Counties, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was established in 1957 for the betterment of county government. The various functions of the AIC include lobbying the Indiana General Assembly on behalf of counties, serving as a liaison among counties, state and federal agencies, and providing technical assistance and training to county officials and employees.