Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

November 9, 2013

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Hendricks County Flyer

---- — To the Editor:

I couldn’t help but get a chuckle at the two-panel cartoon featured in the ‘Opinion’ page of the recent Hendricks County Flyer. It started as a reminder of Daylight Savings Time in turning the clock back an hour. Both panels featured elephants. The second panel with elephants showed signs to turn the clock back to 1958, with signs banning women’s rights, exclusion for minorities and banning gay “marriage”.

The obvious references to the Republican Party got me to thinking about how careless with history the American Left tends to be. There are some things they simply can’t rewrite, as much as they may try.

Many who supported the civil rights and women’s rights movements were church-based conservatives. All the history of African-American slavery starts with the Democrat party, from the Civil War, to the Ku Klux Klan to ridiculous Jim Crow laws.

The Republican Party, will all its flawed membership, is the only party of the two major ones that is ‘God-friendly’ in encouraging morality as the basis for a strong, prosperous culture. Who can forget the name of “God” being booed twice at the Democrat convention last year.

Banning “gay marriage,” no matter what the politically correct spout, is the right call simply because there is nothing “equal” involved. One more time, two men or two women do not equal a man and a woman.

And contrary to some “christians” who claim otherwise, there are Biblical verses supporting God’s original design in both Testaments.

Still, the sign of turning back to “1958” gave me pause to reflect on that time in our history. In 1958 the economy was robust and thriving, the U.S. was involved in no wars, there were no school or mall or military base shootings nor home invasions. In fact people used to leave their doors unlocked, both at home and in the car. Politically we had a President who was an experienced Commander-In-Chief, knew enough about socialism to stay away from it, and didn’t bow to any foreign leader. The US was trusted by its allies and feared by its opponents.

Now, the opposite to the above is true. Some claim what has happened is “progressive,” a “change you can believe in.”

The culture, simply put, has gotten worse. It’s the most angry and uncivil toward one another in recent memory.

This isn’t “change” I can believe in, nor anyone else with any reason.

Since kicking God and prayer out of schools in the early 1960s, and now with persecution of Christians gearing up more and more, the culture believes it can live without God.

Any review of the history of places with atheist-based governments clearly shows what miserable despotic nightmares such regimes turn into.

Is this also “change we can believe in”?

Doug Edens


To the Editor:

I am an Active Duty Service member that lives here in Plainfield. On Nov. 6, I was in Marsh supermarket with my wife and two kids. I had come home from work and was still in uniform when we headed to the store. I normally try to change after work so as not to draw attention to serving. I do this not because I am ashamed but because I do not feel that I deserve any discounts or charitable gifts because I choose to volunteer to serve.

Of course there have been times when I am in uniform and I have my coffee at the gas station paid for anonymously. The same thing at a restaurant when I have stopped to grab a quick bite to eat … but today was a first.

My wife and I did not intend to buy a lot at the store but when we headed to the register we had about a half a cart full. Behind us in line was a nice lady who had stopped earlier in the store and said “hi” when my little girl, 18 months, cheekily waved at her.

The store clerk quickly rang up our items and seemed sheepish when I handed her my phone that had our Marsh card number stored in it. She punched in our numbers but when I went to go swipe my debit card she asked me to stop. My wife and I, confused, looked at her and asked why. She informed us that she was told that all of our groceries where taken care of and to have a good evening.

We immediately stated that that was not necessary and we are thankful but we got it. She then looked at the lady behind us in line with a look of “what do I do?”

I turned to her and she stated that she had to take care of our bill. We again, directed toward her this time, stated that we were very grateful but it was not necessary and that we would purchase the groceries. She did not take no for an answer.

The reason I felt the need to write this so others could know this story is that with all the bad news stories that are out there, with all the corruption in the world, with all the things we read or see about people just plain hating others … there is still good out there.

This single, yet significant, act of kindness proves that all is not lost when it comes to the good hearts of Americans. I did, hesitantly, get a name when I shook her hand even though I wanted to give her a big hug.

Thank you, Alexis! We will be paying this gracious act forward. Bless You!

Humbled Army Family,

Nicholas & Jennifer Wall