Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

June 14, 2013

New parks website includes interactive map


— Did you know that Hendricks County has more than 40 parks and recreation areas to explore and enjoy?

On Hendricks County Parks & Recreation’s new website, HendricksCountyParks.org, there’s not only a vast amount of information about HCP&R’s parks, programs, summer camps, and events, but also what all parks throughout the county have to offer. 

The inspiration for the website’s interactive resource map came from participants in HCP&R’s Summer Fun Run Series.

The Summer Fun Run Series, now in its fifth year, provides an opportunity for individuals and families to get together for a free tour of a different park in Hendricks County every Wednesday evening all summer long.

Many walkers and runners who have enjoyed the Summer Fun Run Series in the past expressed appreciation for being introduced to different parks, and park staff often heard runners commenting: “I never knew this park was here!”

Now Hendricks County Parks & Recreation is helping residents find all parks and recreation areas in the county with a just a few clicks.  

Whether you’re looking for activity and a place to exercise, hike trails, play ball, or walk your dog; or looking to immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of nature, the new map will help people find many parks to enjoy. The map also identifies who operates each park: the county, towns, townships, or not-for-profits, and how to reach those in charge. 

In addition to the parks’ sizes, locations, and amenities, the map provides links to websites and even driving directions.

“What’s unique about this effort,” said William Roche, superintendent of Hendricks County Parks and Recreation, “is that the map transcends boundaries. Instead of only showing what the county parks have to offer, we’ve worked with our local partners to create a map that identifies all of the outdoor park resources available to the community.”

Roche added the map was developed in conjunction with the Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership and is part of a larger effort of linking community members and businesses to county resources.  “Instead of trying to find resources within each town, business leaders who are considering relocating within Hendricks County can now see all of the parks within the county and can easily reach each of the local departments for more information,” Roche said. “With businesses placing such a high value on quality of life for employees, having this type of information just a click away is a great competitive edge.”

Hendricks County Parks and Recreation encourages all community members to visit the map and go discover a new park that they never knew existed.

“Hendricks County is an amazing place and each town has a unique personality,” Roche said. “I hope community members visit a park and town they’ve never been to before; walk the trails, fish, go to a nearby restaurant or boutique. What is comes down to is that Hendricks County has a lot to offer.”

For more information on county parks, developments, or programs, call Hendricks County Parks & Recreation at 718-6188 or visit the website at HendricksCountyParks.org.