Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

February 21, 2013

IYA shares information with youth workers

By Brenda L. Holmes

AVON —  

 Youth workers from across Hendricks County gathered at the YMCA this week to learn more about how to use statistics made available by the Indiana Youth Institute.

The information was made available during one of the quarterly Youth Worker Cafes sponsored by IYI. Data expert Sarah Patterson shared the data and ways various organizations can use it.

“We collect data from a variety of places and make it available to use at the county level,” Patterson said. “We want you to use this data to turn it into dollars to fix the issues. You can use it in your programs, needs statements, or in grant requests.”

The IYA Kids County 2012 Data Book has statistics that can be focused down to the county level. One such statistic is the economic well-being of youth in Hendricks County.

In the county, 7.4 percent of children are living below the poverty level, which may not seem so bad when it is compared to the state average of 22.6 percent.

“Hendricks County is gaining about 1,000 kids a year,” Patterson said. “The county went from 4.4 percent in poverty in 2000 to 7.4 percent in 2011. When reporting this, you may want to use a visualization. This means that one in 14 kids are living in poverty in Hendricks County. That’s 2000 kids.

“When you use the data, you need to tell people why the numbers are important. We can’t assume other people will know why it’s important.”

Attending the Youth Worker Cafe were representatives from several non-profit organizations, schools, and state agencies. To access the data, visit the website at www.iyi.org/databook.

For more information, visit the website at www.iyi.org or call (800) 2ASKIYI.