Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

November 7, 2013

Nursing student encourages all to prepare for a disaster

Hendricks County Flyer

— Anita Worley of Avon, who is taking classes toward a bachelor’s degree in nursing, was working on an assignment when she came to a startling realization: Most people aren’t prepared for a disaster.

“I’m actually an associate’s degree nurse and I’m going for my bachelor’s degree through WGU’s (Western Governors University) online college,” Worley said. “The last paper I have to do before I graduate is about the community. I didn’t have to do a project, but from talking to all the officials and the leaders of the community, I found that most people aren’t ready for a disaster. I started talking to the community and they didn’t know that.”

She said she found out that less than 10 percent of citizens have an emergency preparedness kit. 

So Worley — with the help of Lise Crouch from Hendricks County Emergency Management — decided to do her part to educate the community about what is needed if a disaster strikes.

“FEMA recommends that they have a three-day (disaster) kit,” she said. “What I did was I got together with Target (in Plainfield and General Manager Mark Davis) and asked them to donate a kit for us … so that we could exhibit it to the community. It’s $70 and you’re prepared for three days, that’s all they ask. This is your basic kit. You want to be able to put (the kit) in your garage and just store it.”

Worley said the kit includes water, a map, food that doesn’t expire quickly, a crank radio/flashlight, and more. 

The disaster kit started out on display at the Danville Public Library, then it moved to the Brownsburg Public Library, before ending up as a donation to the Hendricks County Health Department.