Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

January 30, 2013

IND AeroVision Committee signs agreement

By Brenda L. Holmes


Elected officials from 10 communities came together this week to sign a unique inter-governmental agreement promoting IND AeroVision.

The IND AeroVision Committee is comprised of municipal leadership from the City of Indianapolis, Decatur Township, Hendricks County, Indianapolis Airport Authority, Indianapolis City County Council, Morgan County, Town of Avon, Town of Mooresville, Town of Plainfield, and Wayne Township.

The agreement signifies the group’s commitment to a proactive and cooperative approach toward aviation-related project planning and development in order to maximize mutual benefits for all members.

This committee will help build an “aerotropolis” or planned airport city with outlying corridors and airport-related businesses.

Tim Currens, attorney for the Town of Mooresville, presided over the signing ceremony and introduced all the officials who were signing the agreement.

“It’s really good to see all these local governments working together,” Currens said. “We’re very fortunate to have great leadership.”

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard said the agreement was necessary.

“The airport is an economic gateway into our community,” Ballard said. “This signifies the next step for the stake holders. It’s very important and will be of mutual benefit.”

He said the Indianapolis International Airport is becoming well known for its freight capabilities and the community needs to build on that reputation.

“This will help us to move forward,” Ballard said.

Mike Wells, president of the Indianapolis Airport Authority, said they’re taking a proactive approach.

“As a region, we’re seeing the local government working together,” he said.

Wayne Township Trustee Andy Harris said he’s happy to be a part of the committee so he can make sure the best interests of his constituents are served.

“This lets me voice my concerns and keep pushing to get more tax funds,” Harris said. “We don’t want to keep losing sources of revenue.”

Plainfield Town Council President Robin Brandgard said the agreement will help all of the entities involved.

“This is an exciting day,” Brandgard said. “When we work together, everybody wins.”

Avon Town Council President Mike Rogers said the agreement will also help with discussions on rail freight transportation.

“We just have to be at the table,” Rogers said. “Now that Ronald Reagan has given us connectivity, we need to look at the rail yard to see what opportunities we have there. We have a lot of hard questions to ask.”

Hendricks County Commissioner Matt Whetstone signed the agreement on behalf of county government.

“I’m coming into this as a beneficiary of those who did all the hard work before me,” Whetstone said. “This gives us an opportunity to plan together.”