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April 30, 2010

County ready for 2010 election

PLAINFIELD — Laura Herzog, election supervisor for Hendricks County, said she and her staff are ready for the 2010 primary election on May 4.

She said there haven’t really been any surprises leading up to it.

“We didn’t have a last minute surge of voter registrations,” Herzog said. “It stayed pretty normal. As far as absentee/early voting, it’s been a steady pace. It’s just started to peak over the last few days. This week has been the busiest. I’m pretty sure it will stay busy through noon on Monday.”

Other than the 2008 general election, which saw a large voter turnout, Herzog said Hendricks County elections are pretty steady.

“I looked back four years ago and it was similar to his election,” she said. “And we are right on track as far as absentee votes.”

The biggest challenge in ‘08 was the volume of voters.

“Even with all that volume, we did pretty well,” Herzog said. “Once we got past the volume, everything else was cake.”

Volunteers for polling sights have all been set. Well, pretty much anyway.

“If you would have called last week, I would have said ‘no’ we don’t have enough volunteers,” Herzog said. “I don’t know how we do it, but it luckily it all comes together. As of right now we need one.”

She said they always have a few extra volunteers on call to fill in the last minute positions.

“Usually, we only will need them if someone gets sick,” Herzog said.

She said she enjoys the energy in the office as any election approaches, but is always ready for it to be over.

Voters are reminded that they are required to provide a photo ID that displays their photo and name, contains an expiration date and is current, and was issued by the State of Indiana or the U.S. government.

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