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May 7, 2012

Meet the candidates


Her priority in congress will be to improve the economy. Big company executives have received aÊ500 percent salary increase in the past 15 years and the middle class received 5 percent.

Nelson says our middle class and lower income salaries are frozen, and our jobs are being outsourced overseas. To fix those issues, she said we must change our tax incentives to reward all companies to hire and retain American employees; and eliminate the tax incentives for outsourcing.

Nelson works as an IT project manager, resides in Lafayette, and has a 10-year-old daughter, Alexandria Elizabeth Nelson.

For more information, visit her website at http://taranelsonforcongress.com.


Lester Terry Moore is a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Congress District 4 seat.

A graduate of Indiana State University, he earned a bachelor of science degree in secondary teaching for social studies (government and history). He also attended Indiana University Northwest, taking accounting courses.

Moore is a Indiana certified assessor-appraisor, with a Level III certification.

He retired as a control room operator with Northern Indiana Public Service Company after 35 years. He also served as Newton County assessor from 2007 through Ô10.

Some of his main priorities will be:

n Jobs Ñ HeÕll work to return jobs to the U.S. He says weÕve had a flow of jobs overseas in the last 20 years to where our most common items are now made overseas.

n Deficit Ñ The deficit is a major economic threat to the country and Moore said it needs to be worked down to a Òmanageable level.Ó Reducing the debt will have to be done over a period of years.

n Social Security Ñ As Social Security is vital to AmericanÕs retirement, he will oppose any attempt to Òprivatize.Ó it.

n Medicare Ñ As Medicare is a vital medical insurance program for Americans when they reach 65, he will oppose any attempt to ÒprivatizeÓ or drastically change it.

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