Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN


November 3, 2010

County reports smooth election process

DANVILLE — Hendricks County once again enjoyed a smooth election process with strong turnout.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, Laura Herzog, the county’s election supervisor, said things were going well. All 99 precincts opened on time and no problems were reported with the voting machines.

“We’re right on schedule,” Herzog said.

There were a handful of voting precincts that weren’t fully staffed when they opened.

“We’ve had a flu outbreak among our poll workers over the last three days,” Herzog said. “But we were able to get those missing replaced. We’re in good shape.”

Some other polling places reported some voters had difficulty figuring out which door to enter.

“There aren’t as many candidate signs out as they’re usually are,” Herzog said. “We usually advise voters to go in the door that has all the candidates’ signs.”

As results began to come in, Herzog said the process has gotten even smoother this year.

“We had the first election with the electric machines in 2006,” she said. “Now that we’ve had a few elections under our belt, it’s going well.”

She said the poll workers and voters all have more of a comfort level with the machines and how they work.

“It was a good day,” Herzog said. “We had no machine failures.”

Election board member David Sutherland was helping to get all the votes counted.

“There were no real major issues,” he said. “People delivered the votes quickly.”

He said he would encourage more people to vote early rather than using the absentee method.

“They come in and vote by machine and it’s less expensive than voting by paper ballot,” Sutherland said.

He said fewer people did vote in this mid-term election.

“We had about 45 percent of voters turn our,” Sutherland said. “But we only had 21 percent for the Primary Election. So we did double that number.”

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