Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN


October 28, 2010

Candidate Profiles


Mike Rogers Ñ R


Since 1995, I have been working with other individuals to plan, build, and mold Avon into a model community. My prior service to my country while serving in the military and my service with community service organizations provided me with the knowledge and background to serve as a member of the town council.

As I look back at my years of service, these important amenities have been planned, promoted, and come to fruition during my terms in office:

n Partnership with YMCA and Hendricks Regional Health to build first-class recreation facility.

n GO! AVON Projects that include the completion of two ecological roundabouts, and funding for two more and numerous paving projects.

n Dedicated a World War II Park and developed a committee to build it through donations.

n Conceived and steered the creation of AvonGov.org and the Avon newsletter.

n Appointed Police Chief Jack Miller and improved department relations.

Above all else, I have always placed the impact on future generations as a factor on my decision-making. This focus on our youth has kept me grounded in the topsy-turvy world of politics.

I believe in putting Avon residents first by branding my latest bid for the Avon Town Council: Rogers For Avon.

You can learn about my views of leadership, including conservative fiscal policies, building mutually beneficial partnerships, and listening to constituents at www.RogersForAvon.com. You can also see my pictorial of Avon at Facebook.com/RogersForAvon.

I respectfully ask for your vote.


Gary A. Hood Ñ R


Gary Hood is a seasoned executive, business owner, and longtime active member of the Brownsburg community. He wants to continue to preserve the heritage and quality of life Brownsburg offers through more effective planning, better inter-government cooperation, and a focus on keeping local taxpayers involved in and informed about decision-making.

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