Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN


October 28, 2010

Candidate Profiles


He has been a member of Hazelwood Christian Church since 1982 and has served as elder, chairman of the board, deacon, and adult Sunday school teacher.

Gaston and his wife Kathy were married May 7, 1983. They are the parents of four sons: Brandon Gaston, 21; Mitchell Gaston, 17; Logan Gaston, 12; and Reece Gaston, 10.


Gail L. Brown Ñ R

Gail Brown resides in North Salem.


Robert L. Gentry Ñ R

Bob Gentry is a Pittsboro resident.


Charles Bender Ñ D


IÊam Charles Bender, the Democratic partyÕs nominee for the Hendricks County Council. IÊbring aÊnew perspectiveÊwith old valuesÊto the council that controls costs, making sure the actions of the council are based on the right research and investigations, asking probing questions to make sure the citizens and the taxes they pay are considered foremost, and ensures transparency, making the workings of the council, its budgets, and decision-making available to the public in an open and transparent manner, in publications and on the Internet.

MyÊperspectiveÊis supported by my education and experience in handling multi-million dollar accounting, personnel, and value generation projects through careful management and creative problem solving; serving my country by enlisting in the military during the Vietnam era and helping provide health services at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center; involvement with local government and community organizations; and ownership of two small businesses.

I have enjoyed nearly 45 years of marriage to my wife, Sheri, raising two children and working hard to make sure they had all the opportunities I have enjoyed.

We are responsible for a road network of almost 800 miles and 214 bridges, and weÕre experiencing increased traffic volumes and increasing numbers of buildings, vehicles, and employees.

In the future, we have tough decisions to make Ñ balancing taxes, costs, and services Ñ demanding hard work by the council to fund and manage a growing and sophisticated organization.

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