Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

August 17, 2011

Court Records 8-17-11



Michael Joseph Davis and Bonnie Jeanne Morrow, both of Brownsburg.

Duane Maxwell Jennings and Latoya Marie Anderson, both of Indianapolis.

Jeremy Alan Thompson and Tiffany Ann Ikerd, both of Danville.

David Robert Keinhofer, Waukesha, Wis., and Lauren Kristine Hatter, Avon.

Eric James Reberger, Coatesville, and Tara Marie Hannel, Mooresville.

Nathan Bayliss and Brandy Dailey, both of Danville.

Lee Lynn Glover Jr. and Susan Mary Bonecutter, both of Avon.

Kendell Scot Gunter and Jessica Lee Rubeck, both of Avon.

Alexander Craig Shrewsbury and Donnell Lynne Wells, both of Avon.

Carlos Barrett, Bloomington, and Kundai Marimira, Brownsburg.

Tyler Bryan Hecht and Amanda Marie Arnes, both of Stilesville.

Delwin Rowan Swope and Bing Li, both of Brownsburg.

David Lee Taylor and Brenda Lee Bertram, both of Brownsburg.

Anthony W. Aiduks, Indianapolis, and Casey Christine Sullivan, Danville.

Zachary William Bell, Coatesville, and Jodi Elaine Lee, Avon.

Joel Alexander Koch, Crown Point, Kerstin Ruth Kost, Avon.

Thomas Ray Noel Jr. and Jacquelyn Marie Jelley, both of Indianapolis.

Jeffrey Matthew Mueller and Janelle Nicole Koenig, both of Avon.

Christopher Stanley Kirk and Lauren Elizabeth Smith, both of Reston, Va.


Criminal Cases

State of Indiana vs. the following Individuals:

Carl J. Smith, domestic battery.

Kenneth E. Landsaw, invasion of privacy.

Marion D. Jackson, invasion of privacy.

Bradley M. Smith, battery.

Roberto Matamoros, domestic battery.

Misty Menchofer, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Gretchen Schultz, public intoxication.

Jason Aaron Cole, furnished alcohol to a minor.

Brian A. Richardson, invasion of privacy.

Nathan G. Musser, invasion of privacy, harassment.

Donald E. Dawson, invasion of privacy.

Mary Newbold, domestic battery.

Joe Pedigo, battery.

Yader Sajid Acuna-Hinojosa, invasion of privacy.


State of Indiana vs. The Following Individuals:

Randy L. Dearing, theft.

Kevin D. Stephens, child molesting, child seduction.

Kevin S. Amburgy, forgery, counterfeiting, invasion of privacy.

Damiun C. Lee, domestic battery.

Ryan S. Henry, intimidation.

Kristie Lynn Roberts, domestic battery.

Elizabeth Wolfbrandt, prescription fraud.

Jesse R. Noble, battery.

Alicia J. Cochran, aiding and abetting in a theft.

Sarah Sanders, domestic battery.

Todd Dixon, theft.

Greggory Harris, theft.

John H. Byford, conversion.

Adrian J. Turkali, battery.

Brendon Vernon, committed new criminal offense.

Tridstan Stout, illegally consumed alcohol and/or drugs, failure to attend required treatment program.

Edmond Lopzado, conversion.

Michael A Richardson, failure to appear.

Shanda S. Purcell, failure to appear.

Juwann Huff, possession of marijuana.

Shanda S. Purcell, failure to appear.

Steven Russell Deckard, theft, unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle.

James M. Santellana, conspiracy to commit theft.

Lisa Marie Everett, theft.

Ami Markovich, conversion.

Jon Paul Pool, identity deception.

Philip Tessener, domestic battery.

Shawn Barnes, battery.

Warren Bullock, domestic battery.

Karen Painter, theft.

Mark Todisco, disorderly conduct.


Criminal Cases

State of Indiana vs. The Following Individuals:

David Porter, public intoxication.

Patrick T. Davis, operating while intoxicated.

Kale J. Edwards, driving while suspended.

Rosemary S. Clark, operating while intoxicated.

James E. Sears, driving while suspended.

Angela Renee Thomas, public intoxication.

David Higer, operating while intoxicated.

Korey Rinehart, public intoxication.

John Fockler, operating while intoxicated.

Douglas Mantooth, operating while intoxicated.

Mark A. Jones, public intoxication.

Jon M. Mahorney, possession of marijuana.

Terri L. Hammontree, operating while intoxicated.

Randy C. Hollingsworth, operating while intoxicated.

Christopher Pape, operating while intoxicated.

Rosalba Anife Villares, operating while intoxicated.

Nathan Sheets, battery.

Christopher M. Dodd, operating while intoxicated.

Brooks L. Wagler, public intoxication.

Mark Cox, harassment.

Melissa Reagan, operating while intoxicated with endangerment.


State of Indiana vs. The Following Individuals:

Cameron M. Smith, conversion.

Michael Johnson, failure to appear.

Brooks Wagler, operating while intoxicated.

Kenneth Parsons, possession of a controlled substance.

Angela Macley, possession of marijuana.

Amanda Orman, fraud.

John R. Anderson, forgery.

William Jo Williams, theft.

Randall W. Huber Jr., failure to appear.

Shawana M. Goode, failure to appear.

Evan S. Williams, possession of a narcotic drug.

Jeremy D. Barker, dealing in a controlled substance.

Hardy L. Westerfield, resisting law enforcement, theft.

Cassidy C. Weston, theft.


Criminal Cases

State of Indiana vs. The Following Individuals:

Henry E. Wood, driving while suspended with a prior.

April Byrd, public intoxication.

Michelle Steffe, operating while intoxicated.

Jesse L. Burkett, operating while intoxicated.

Tyler Ward, minor in consumption.

Kevin Forrest, operating while intoxicated.

Rosa I. Cruz, never valid license.

Gavin T. Marsh, battery.

Richard Lowe, resisting law enforcement.

Darius Triplett, driving while suspended with a prior.

Ignacio Garcia, operator never licensed.

Jose Rosales-Florer, public intoxication.

Breanna C. Hainline, leaving the scene of an accident, operating without proof of financial responsibility.

Mark D. Milby, public intoxication.

Deborah L. Watson, driving while suspended, expired plates.

Juan Cortes-Juarez, driving while suspended.

Jessica Derwby, failure to cooperate with probation officer.

Katz Dalton, driving while suspended.


State of Indiana vs. The Following Individuals:

Maribel Ardon-Escobar, conversion.

Geary King, operating while intoxicated.

Kelsi Marsh, possession of a controlled substance.

Michael D. Brown II, theft.

Harmonie A. Witten, neglect of a dependent.

William A. Britton, neglect of a dependant.

Dana Arun, identity deception.

Devin Lonberger, illegal consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.

Katy Dauton, probation violation, committed new criminal offense. Ê

Jack Lindsey, possession of paraphernalia.

Sukhjt S. Bains, auto theft.

Bonnie L. Hewitt, theft.

James Thomas Estes, robbery.

Linda R. Griffin, conspiracy to commit robbery.

Veronica Kay Hallock, theft.

Deborah S. Gardner, theft.

Richard McMannis, possession of marijuana.

Christopher Schofner, operating as a habitual traffic violator.

Daniel J. Kinley, failure to attend required appointments with probation officer.


Criminal Cases

State of Indiana vs. The Following Individuals:

Leslie D. Plambeck, operating while intoxicated.

Ryan B. O’Neal, possession of paraphernalia.

Wanda Davis, theft, receiving stolen property.


State of Indiana vs. The Following Individuals:

Nicholas L. Oldham, theft.

India Miller, failure to attend required appointments with probation officer.

Daniel L. Stephens, failure to appear.

James D. Adair, resisting law enforcement.


Criminal Cases

State of Indiana vs. The Following Individuals:

Amaryllis Davis, battery.

Adam Lee Carter, failure to appear.

Kyle Rudman, operating while intoxicated with endangerment.

Adrian Jenkins, operating while intoxicated.

Timothy D. Olson, theft.

Lilibeth Ramos, failure to appear.


State of Indiana vs. The Following Individuals:

Shannon Campbell, attempted robbery.

Pamela J. Cox, official misconduct, operating while intoxicated.

Mick Basham, burglary.

Rebecca VanHorn, theft.

Timothy Nugent, failure to register as a sex offender.

Brandi Price, identity deception, false informing, operating without financial responsibility, refusal to identify self.

Christopher Beck, public intoxication,.

Barry E. Roach, operating while intoxicated with a minor passenger.



State of Indiana vs. the following individuals:

Matthew B. Couch, child molesting.


State of Indiana vs. the following individuals:

Kevin Hood, handgun violation.

Anthony Cairns, dealing in marijuana.

Cassandra Nolting, theft.

Kelli M. Acton, impersonation of a public servant.

Tammy L. Turner, theft.

Jacquelyn Wood, neglect, false identification.