Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

February 22, 2013

Letter to the Editor Feb. 23, 2013


— To the Editor:

In reponse to Rebecca Todd's sub-standard report on Subway, I'd like to note that Subway offers more vegetables than any other fast food restaurant there is. I have never had a soggy sandwich and the slimming portions of meat is an asset, not a liability.

The idea that it's only 11 inches instead of 12 can only be a health asset as well.

With the current health crisis being mainly of our own making due to our lifestyle choices which is substantiated by the CDC and every other organization there is, it stands to reason that Subway is one of the best fast food restaurants there is.

Spending only $5 for a sandwich which can include whole wheat bread and tons of veggie and no mayonnaise can only help the sad state of health in our country!

Rebecca, get up to date on the health issues facing our population today. It's shameful! Adding more bread, more meat, and more mayo will only make it worse. I have never had mayo on a sandwich from Subway and neither had any of my family members including two children!

We should be very happy that Subway has made a comeback in recent years and at least offers the options of tons of health inducing veggies!


Amy Hayden