Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

December 7, 2012

Letter to the editor Dec. 8, 2012


— To the Editor:

I am not surprised that the town council of Avon has approved a road safety audit of the Dan Jones/C.R. 100 South roundabout ("Roundabout's safety to be looked into," Dec. 1). I drive C.R. 100 S. through the roundabout almost every day. I believe the study will show the overwhelming majority of accidents are caused by traffic on Dan Jones failing to yield the right of way to traffic on the roundabout.

I often see drivers on Dan Jones that do not slow down and then charge into the intersection as if they have the right of way. They don't.

The right lanes on Dan Jones seem to be the worst. Cars in the left lane will block the view of traffic on the roundabout and yet drivers in the right lane often don't seem to care. They will enter the roundabout without looking, even though they are supposed to yield.

Once on the roundabout you are not suppose to change lanes but I will see cars enter the roundabout from the right lane of Dan Jones and then immediately change to the left lane and then back again to the right lane before exiting the roundabout.

Roundabouts are very simple to use. Traffic entering the roundabout yields to traffic on the roundabout.

My suggestion to improve the safety of the intersection is to place two very large signs on Dan Jones. The first should read "Slow Down and Yield" and the second "Prepare to Stop."

Philip L. Woods