Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

December 4, 2012

Letters to the Editor Dec. 5, 2012


— To the Editor:

I would like to thank the Plainfield Town Council on their decision to go ahead with putting the Oasis Diner downtown.

Plainfield is already smartly done by keeping its building heritage in such nice condition. The Oasis will further enhance our city and the grant from Historic Landmarks is icing on the cake.

My wife and I look forward to riding our 1950s bicycles to the Oasis for lunch.

Matt Hatfield


To the Editor:

The town of Avon can save its money on a study concerning accidents at the County Road 100 South/Dan Jones Road roundabout by simply making the right lane right turn only.

The left lane should only go straight and left. This would fix all the problems. People (idiots really) use the right lane to pass people going straight.

When I first saw them line the roundabouts, I was befuddled. They obviously did not even look at the European model, which has been in use forever. You don't take a two-lane road to a four-lane roundabout and then back to a two-lane road unless you are wanting to kill off drivers.

Study over. Have them send the money for the study to me.

Jeff Lee


To the Editor:

Week after week on the Hendricks County Flyer editorial page I read columnists and concerned citizens harping on big government and entitlement programs. Then on the front page I see two stories mentioning the desire of local municipalities to obtain federal grants.

The one regarding a "roundabout safety study" is in particular a wasteful expense. All one needs to do is negotiate the mentioned Dan Jones/County Road 100 South roundabout a few times and it is apparent what the safety issues are.

One of my most recent experiences was a simple right hand turn, which I was signaling, from Dan Jones southbound onto C.R. 100 South westbound. As I entered the brief section of the roundabout, a soccer mom flashed from behind me on my left and suddenly cut across in front of me; then accelerated west, well above the 25 mile per hour school zone speed limit.

People are entering and exiting the roundabouts too fast, are using them for passing zones, and are not signaling their intentions. The most obvious solution would be law enforcement that is already budgeted.

If the roundabouts had the reputation of being "hot spots" for citations, accidents would naturally decrease accordingly. And of course the easy revenue gathering would be an additional benefit for the town of Avon.

The speed limit signs are there and all that needs to be added are four signs that read, "No passing and signal exit." Problem solved and no wasted federal entitlements that everyone in this community seems so concerned about.

Jim Baynes