Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

October 12, 2012

Letter to the editor Oct. 13, 2012


— To the Editor:

This election year we have two Obamas running for president. Not many people realize it, thanks to the news media and President Obama.

The first Obama is the one who is seen on TV campaigning and at the many fundraisers. He is also the one who is busy providing an extra benefit to various minority or voting groups through executive orders, implementing regulations by cabinet members, and, as in Obama care, through the previously Democrat Congress. He is the one who is promoting class warfare in order to garner votes.

The second Obama is one that most of us do not hear about. He's the one who has signed about 923 executive orders since taking office. Many more than has been signed by previous presidents. Many of these give the president power to take over the operation of our government and private organizations. Some say this is an attempt to bypass congress and accomplish his goals without being inhibited by congress.

This is also the Obama whose plan is to implement several (five at last count) United Nations treaties. The treaties would relinquish power and control to such activities as the seas, our courts, our local governments, sale of small arms, and the rights of children.

It has been reported that, as a part of the Law of the Seas Treaty, President Obama gave away to Russia several thousand square miles of our sovereign territory including seven Alaskan Islands and hundreds of square miles of oil reserves. And, based on his "Open Mic" slip with Russian President Medvev, we really don't know what else he and Putin have planned.

The treaties Obama would implement during a second term are the UN Treaty to Regulate Arms Trade; the UN Law of the Seas Treaty; the UN Rights of the Child Treaty; Agenda 21 (control of local governments); and the UN International Criminal Court Treaty.

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat you should be incensed at the very idea that all these changes could be made. It's really important that the voters learn what an Obama second term would be like. It would appear that a vote for Obama would be a vote for Obama and the United Nations to take over a large part of our government, as well as private enterprises.

Let's hope and pray that this does not happen and that this great country remains free and also that we can continue to enjoy our American way of life.

Charles E. Bowling