Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

March 19, 2013

Letter to the Editor March 20, 2013


— To the Editor:

On Saturday, March 23, at 1p.m., Sen. Michael Young will hold a town hall meeting at the Guilford Township Community Center in Hummel Park, 1500 S. Center St., Plainfield, to hear the community's thoughts on the mass transit issue.

The Indiana Senate is considering a proposal that would allow local governments in Central Indiana to ask voters if they want to expand mass transit services in their area. If voters approve the referendum, then a special transportation district would be created.

To pay for the expanded transit, the proposal allows for an additional tax on residents living in the transportation district (Plainfield and surrounding counties).

This tax increase (one-third of 1 percent) would equal roughly $120 per year (forever) for a family or person making $50,000 per year (and more if you make more that $50,000).

Outlying townships least served by mass transit would have the option to decide if they want to be a part of the district.

We residents need to stop this now at the Senate level. This would be an unfair tax on people who would be least likely to use the mass transit system.

If Indianapolis wants a mass transit system, let them pay for it - not us. Indianapolis is too small for a viable mass transit system like Chicago or St. Louis, New York, etc., so they need us to help to pay for it.

With all the crime at the malls in Indy, it is sure to come our way sooner or later. We don't need that or want it. The economic impact of a mass transit system for our area is almost zero.

The way to stop this now is for you and your friends and relatives to come to the town hall meeting next Saturday and tell Sen. Young to vote no and to drop the idea for Hendricks County altogether.

You don't have to speak. Just write on a piece of paper ... "Sen. Young vote NO for the mass transit system for Hendricks County and vote NO for the tax increase that would come with it. I am against both proposals."

It is time for the younger people to stand up and be counted. You cannot always count on older people to stand up for you. You might have to miss a basketball game, but this is important for your and your family's future.

Senior citizens, we cannot afford more taxes either so we need to stand up and be counted also.

The best way to stop it is for hundreds of people to show up at Hummel Park and be counted. Please pass this on to all of your friends, family, and neighbors.

I've done my best. Now it is your turn. Wake up and read the newspapers to follow this story.

LeRoy Dierkes