Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

December 21, 2012

Letter to the editor Dec. 22, 2012


— To the Editor:

The town of Avon is attempting to "involuntarily" annex my family's farm in Washington Township. I understand that this action is generally permitted under Indiana law. However, this does not mean that Indiana's annexation laws are fair. Indeed, in 1998, various PAPA (People Against Portage Annexation) newsletters stated:

- "Indiana Annexation Law is Un-American!"

- "that Indiana annexation process is totally in contrast to the basic principles upon which the United States of America was founded."

- "that annexation in Indiana is clearly taxation without representation."

- "To say Indiana's annexation laws are legal means nothing - so were the Jim Crow laws of the south, as well as Hitler's death camps."

If Avon proceeds with this "involuntary" annexation, my family will be forced to fight it legally through remonstration. This will be very expensive for my family and for the Town of Avon. I have been told that the legal bill could be up to $40,000 for Avon. I have also been told that this kind of legal bill could forestall raises for some of Avon's public employees.

A far more equitable approach for all is for Avon to drop this "involuntary" annexation and continue to pursue their reorganization effort with Washington Township. If Washington Township voters agree to the merger, I can accept their determination. I just can't accept an immoral, "involuntary" annexation!

Jim Grundy

rural Avon