Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

June 20, 2013

Letter to the Editor June 19, 2013


— To the Editor:

I am concerned about the proposed  Brownsburg North Annexation of 4,500 acres of land. I have attended public meetings related to this proposal and I, along with hundreds of others, are opposed to it. This proposal is going to have a huge impact on all involved.

We the home/land owners are doing all the “giving” and making the sacrifices. This will cause higher taxes and the Brownsburg Schools will lose $400,000 yearly in tax revenues. That was reported by the Superintendent of the Brownsburg Schools, Dr. Snapp, at the  Brownsburg Town Council Meeting on May 16.

It will also cost us tens of thousands of dollars to meet town water and sewer codes.

We will be rezoned.  I live in the country by choice and I don’t want to be part of the town of Brownsburg.

I feel that I am losing my rights as a homeowner because of what the Brownsburg Town Council is dictating we have to do so they can go through with their greedy land grab.

We also stand to lose thousands of dollars if we try to sell our homes because of the absurd proposal.

As I look at this, it seems as though we the home/land owners are getting nothing in return for all our giving and sacrificing.

“We the people” aren’t even getting consistent information and answers from the town council.

I thought I lived in America where the people had a voice, but my pleas for help have apparently fallen on deaf ears. I have written Gov. Mike Pence, and called State Senator Pete Miller, but received no response. State Rep. Jeff Thompson did return my call.

I have seen no indication that the town council has our best interest in mind or even care if we are opposed to their ludicrous  demands. Where is my help???

We have no vote in something that will affect me and hundreds of others with a very negative impact.

What is happening in our beloved country when a handful of people, in this case, the Brownsburg Town Council, can dictate to hundreds that we have to accept this when it is not needed or wanted and we have no say in it.?

The Brownsburg Town Council is acting like a dictatorship. They are skipping over subdivisions who need and want water and sewers, and going out into the rural areas where these services aren’t wanted or needed.

We are slowly but surely losing our rights. I am sick of having the government shove things down my throat without the slightest care as to how this will affect citizens on the receiving end.

If this is legal, then I believe it is time for our legislators to look into this kind of activity and put a stop to such nonsense. 

People, please get involved and help stop this now! If you are in the area being annexed, and haven’t signed a petition against it, please go to www.noannexbrownsburg.com or call 437-7356.

Mary Scott