Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

October 16, 2012

Letter to the editor Oct. 17, 2012


— To the Editor:

"Brownsburg RDC votes to expand TIF district" another 2,143 acres. In a TIF district, schools, libraries, police, fire, parks, etc. do not receive the tax revenue. The developers, contractors, engineers and their corporate welfare lawyers pocket the money.

These expanded acres around the Ronald Reagan truck route paid with Obama stimulus tax money and Congress earmarks that have increased the U.S. debt to $16 trillion and the diversion of gasoline tax money away from infrastructure repair resulting in the wheel tax will include hotels, restaurants, shopping facilities like gas stations, and tax abated warehouses full of imports and some illegal aliens being paid poverty wages that will not be paying federal income taxes (Romney's 47 percent who he says are dependent on American taxpayers) and very little other taxes; but, will be eligible for the EITC that will subsidize corporate America labor costs and free K-12 education, library services, parks, and police and fire protection paid by you.

"Indiana among lowest debt per capita in nation" and "state pension funds get boost." So why are there state tax refunds to those with a taxable income of more than the $1,000 personal exemption? The federal deduction is approximately $9,800.

Hey Republicans: Do a Ronald Reagan and increase the personal exemption/standard deduction per taxpayer and index it to inflation to absorb the $100/taxpayer forecasted tax rebate; or, pay down the state debt, especially the $2 billion owed to federal taxpayers for unemployment and Medicaid and fund the pensions 100 percent that you have already promised/contracted.

"Republicans set their agenda" says Indiana ended the 2012 fiscal year with a $2 billion surplus due to cuts to education, public safety, and social services while as stated above using the U.S. $16 trillion debt to replace some of the cuts.

The two governor candidates want to cut individual income taxes next year; but Speaker Bosma says that may be risky because he and his colleagues have already approved the phase-out of the inheritance tax (instead of raising the exemption to say $5 to $10 million) and lowering the corporate income tax (a cut of 25 percent so that Indiana may be able to steal some poverty wage jobs from neighboring states that will receive more corporate welfare in Indiana. This is after the inventory tax was eliminated and the corporate property tax was lowered significantly that increased residential property taxes substantially in the 1990s, which resulted in the birth of the Tea Parties.

The Republicans say these corporate/business tax cuts were needed to create jobs before the financial fraud in 2008 with a 15 percent unemployment today that accounts for part-time workers, those who have given up finding a job and those older Americans who have been fired due to age discrimination. However, both Democrats and Republicans have caused America's problems because the USA trade deficits have caused the $16 trillion debt, declining value of the dollar, inflation, and the 15 percent unemployment rate.

Brent Pittman