Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

May 24, 2013

Letter to the Editor May 25, 2013


— To the Editor:

Democrats do not live the way they vote.

Now that Obama has had the reins for over four years and is running amok destroying our nation, I am still confused why he was voted in for the second time.

Observing the current state of our nation, I conclude that Democrats are a much bigger threat to America than Islamic terrorists will ever be.

Democrats who vote their leaders in office must be ignorant of what they do.

I have Democrat friends and know how they generally behave. Not a single one of them live the way they vote. Not one of them takes money from a working neighbor and gives it to another neighbor who chooses not to work.But they vote for people that do?

I do not believe any of them has taken a baby from the birth canal, drilled a hole in the back of its head and sucked the brains out. But they vote for people that do?

They all support the family unit, but vote for people that tear it apart?

Most of these friends own guns and would not dream of taking anyone’s right to defend themselves away from them. But they vote for people that do.

They all want a secure America, but again they vote for people who do not want secure borders and national defense systems.

They all agree that the money they earn is theirs, but they vote for people who believes it belongs to the government?

All of them love their freedom, but they still vote for people who want to restrict that freedom?

Not one of them wants to pay higher health premiums, but they vote for people that raise insurance premiums.

Most of my Democrat friends appreciate the military, some have even served, yet they vote for people who cut military personnel, benefits, supplies, and food.

Most of them believe sodomy is wrong, yet vote for people who support this lifestyle.

All of my Democrat friends believe in God, yet they vote for people that boo God at their convention? 

This is a great paradox to me. I do not know a single Democrat that lives the way they vote. 

Larry Leffew