Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

February 12, 2013

Letter to the Editor Feb. 13, 2013


— To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Gochenour's letter to the editor in the Jan. 30, 2013, edition.

Mr. Gochenour wants the opinion of citizens on the unnecessary killings that had been happening.

The word unjustified seems more appropriate than unnecessary. Even when justified it is not always necessary to kill. Ask any police officer. The hurting, wounding, or killing of innocent people can never be justified.

When discussing violence there has always has been, and always will be, three types of people. There are those on one side that would never hurt or kill for any reason. On the other side there are those who would hurt or kill for no reason at all. And somewhere in the middle there are those of us who would only hurt or kill someone as a last resort. 

The recall of all the rifles that require a magazine of multiple shells and the locking up in an armory only to be used by armored forces in war time.

The recall of a product - an automobile, appliance, or firearm (in this case a rifle) - can only be done by the manufacturer due to some mechanical problem. Even then a recall only offers a repair to the item and not the confiscation of it. The Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, prohibits the government from the confiscation of property except for the conviction of a crime and on a case-by-case basis.

As for "the locking up in an armory only to be used by armored forces in war time." For centuries kings, dictators, tyrants, and other forms of oppressive governments have armed their people when they declare war on someone and as soon as the war was over disarmed their people, leaving them helpless against animals, thieves, or attacks. The Constitution of Indiana, Article I Bill of Rights Section 32 - Right to bear arms: states; The citizens shall have a right to bear arms for the defense of themselves and the State. Simply put, If a citizen does not have the right to defend himself, he has no duty to defend the state.

Next he asks: Forbid the sale of guns to families that have any issue of mental illness. In America we do not penalize one person for the act of another. We do not punish people for guilt by association or relation. A citizen may only be denied the purchase, possession, or ownership of a firearm for the conviction of a felony or deemed mentally incompetent by a court.

William Hutchens