Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

June 4, 2013

Letter to the Editor June 5, 2013


— To the Editor:

As a Christian man who tries to live within the boundaries of my professed faith, I will be the first to admit I miss the mark on many occasion. Many more than I care to admit. That being said, part of reaching out is a defense of faith through letters to the editor. One I recently wrote touched a nerve in many and the responses, two negative ones in particular, were published on consecutive days.

Critics will always besmirch those telling the truth, painting them as haters and out of touch, rather than seriously considering the content of the defense of the truth in the first place.

One critic claimed those of us standing with the Biblical condemnation of homosexual practice ignore other sins. He has yet to talk with me about that. I’ve yet to be called a “homo-phobe,” but if that fits me, then I would like to add I’m also a “lying-ophobe,” “stealing-ophobe” and “murder-ophobe.

They’re all distortions in God’s eyes, as they should be in those of us who believe in Him.

Another critic stated she doesn’t “take the Bible literally as it was, in fact, written many years ago.”

So was the Law of Gravity. Age has nothing to do with validity. Her other assertions paint God in a picture that has nothing to do with His word and its truth. He does care about what we choose and do, contrary to her deluded thinking.

Tragically, there are many so delusional. They have a view of Him contrary of His truth, which is what the Bible is. It is God’s direct revelation to mankind. And this same critic asked “Who is he to be so judgmental in that the Bible says to not judge others?”

This from someone who doesn’t “take the Bible literally,” yet cherry-picks a verse to stifle a voice of its truth. I don’t judge the sinner at all. I am one and all are in need of God’s appointed Savior, Jesus Christ. But Christians, those who really believe in God, are commanded to condemn what He condemns.

I wonder who I was supposed to be in her regard. Would a “PHD” or “Rev” by my name make the truth easier to take? No. Doesn’t change what God has declared.

If either critic would read the Bible all the way through, as I’ve been doing since 2007, they wouldn’t be so confused as to its content, thereby distorting what it says.

Doug Edens