Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

February 27, 2014

Letter to the editor

Westside Flyer

---- — To the Editor:

As the dust has settled somewhat in the state legislature over HJR-3, with its endless debates, and other matters are given credence in the media, I'm given to reflecting on a phrase made famous by a folk singer of the 1960s who harmonized, "... the times they are-a-changin'..."

To be sure they are as we get older and hopefully mature with that aging. I'm left to wonder though if that change is for the better.

With home invasions becoming more frequent, killings with guns more in the news, crime of all sorts on the upswing, violence and unrest around the world increasing and the continuing decline of this culture with in-your-face incivility and the lack of respect for anyone by everyone it seems, I would say that the aforementioned isn't the kind of "change we can believe in," to coin a political phrase.

The evidence that humankind is getting worse blunts the humanist mantra that man is essentially good and will progress or evolve into greater enlightenment.

Man is showing that pipe dream to be little else than that.

I remember when people were able to leave their doors unlocked at night. Now it’s prudent to consider heavily barred doors and windows for one’s protection nowadays the way things are going.

There are answers of course. Take all the guns away and there'll be no more murders or "gun violence," even though murderers will still hate and use other weapons of choice for their misdeeds. (Ever hear of Richard Speck?)

Defeat poverty and that will eliminate crime, even though some of the most noble have come from penniless backgrounds. (Lincoln comes immediately to mind among a myriad of others.)

Certainly we are to work for peace with warring neighbors internationally, but no nation or nations calling for a repeat of Hitler's holocaust against Israel should have any consolation from any civilized or "enlightened" society regarding such horror.

Then we have our own culture and its increasing incivility toward one another. Professional athletics along with collegiate athletics seem to mirror this ugliness in their endless parade of trash talking and trash ranting and celebrating after every single play, inducing even high school players to borderline boorishness. Every play is a "statement." Really? What does any author of such a "statement" have in mind? And is it truly worthy of emulation?

Nazi Germany brutalized its young through the Hitler youth. This culture is doing the same to its own children. I'm not surprised. When the unborn are considered nonhuman and expendable and the fabric of the family is torn asunder by pretending two men and two women equal a man and a woman, something they'll never do by the way, what else can be expected?

The tragedy of abortion is worse than Hitler's holocaust because the unborn are truly innocent, unworthy of the violent end they will meet. And the tragedy of same-sexers is that they will never know the joy of procreating a child in their image, nor will they know the bonding of biological parents with their biological children. Adoption simply will not make up for it, no matter how one slices it.

Things will not get better even with a totalitarian in the White House. There are some things man has no answer for and the proof is in the headlines and newscasts.

Disregarding the intrinsic values that made this country the greatest on earth is bearing much bitter fruit.

Unless those values are restored, things will get worse.

Doug Edens