Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

April 1, 2013

CrossFit Unbreakable now open in Plainfield

By Brenda L. Holmes

PLAINFIELD — Jim Beebe has just opened a CrossFit franchise called CrossFit Unbreakable in Plainfield.

Beebe has been working in the business world for the past several years but has decided to take his love for fitness and turn it into his livelihood.

He said he was an unhealthy 280 pounds when he started doing CrossFit in his garage attached to his Avon home.

“I started with P90X in 2009 and started losing the weight,” he said. “Then I started with CrossFit. Before too long I was coaching folks in my garage at home.”

He said his love for the program made him want to become a franchisee.

“The facility is very basic,” he said. “What we do is personal training but in a group setting.”

Beebe said his program can help anybody — from those just starting to get to those who are looking for a tough workout.

“I think doing the training in a group helps because there is a little competition,” he said. “And you want to be there for each other. To encourage one another.”

CrossFit Unbreakable has classes for those who need an introduction, as well as, fundamentals. There are classes every day of the week, including a very popular 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning class.

“When the weather warms up we will move outside to do some of our workouts,” he said. “You might see us at the Plainfield parks are flipping a large tire going down the road.”

Beebe is still adding to his new facility. One of his current projects is an obstacle course complete with monkey bars.

“The obstacle courses add confidence,” he said. “We will have a fire wall and a sled.”

He said no matter how much a person works out having a good diet is key to being healthy.

“I coach people on how to eat,” he said. “Most of it is breaking bad habits.”

CrossFit Unbreakable offers membership to the facility for individuals as young as 10.

“I have a lot of teenagers already,” he said. “I have a couple of 12-year-olds who are coming to become better stronger basketball players.”

Beebe has a large wipe board that explains the “work out of the week” for members. Each week there is a new workout so people don’t get used to he same exercise routine.

The workouts include a wide variety of exercises including the use of kettle bells and other weights.

“We also jump on to boxes,” he said. “Some of our boxes are 30 inches high. Not everyone can to that so we have boxes that are 20, 18, or even 12 inches. If you can’t do that we can use a box that is only three to five inches tall.”

Exercises can also be modified for those who many not be of a fitness level where they do it the normal way.

“People come in at all different physical levels,” he said.

The facility also keeps track of work out scores that are reported to the national CrossFit organization.

“Our member can compete at regional or even world CrossFit competition,” he said. “ESPN covers the CrossFit world competition each year.”

CrossFit does not use contracts. Individuals can pay for a monthly membership. He is also hoping to se up a $15 punch pass for members.

“I also offer discounts to first responders,” he said.

He said the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department is planning on coming out to the facility for some training for the deputies.

For more information, call Beebe at 224-6960 or visit the website at www.crossfit.com.