Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

March 19, 2013

Duke Energy helps struggling families with electricity bills



Winter heating bills can be a hardship for individuals and families who are already struggling financially. This year, Duke Energy Indiana customers in need are receiving significantly more funds to help pay their electric bills.

Duke is contributing $700,000 annually over the next five years for low-income energy assistance as part of its Edwardsport plant regulatory settlement.

Customers and employees have contributed an additional $100,000 in assistance, raising the total Indiana energy assistance funds this year to $800,000.

This year’s funding triples the amount each customer can receive. Customers who need help can receive up to $300 toward their electric bill if their local Energy Assistance Program agency determines they are eligible, based on need and other criteria. Previously, customers were only eligible for up to $100.

In addition, for at least the next five years, the staff is expanding the program to include any Duke Energy Indiana customer who qualifies based on income guidelines. Previously, only low-income customers who were either 60 or older or disabled were eligible.

Duke partners with the Indiana Community Action Association and the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority’s Energy Assistance Program, which distributes the assistance funds.

For information on where to find the local energy assistance agency, visit the website at www.incap.org or call Duke Energy at (800) 521-2232.