Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

November 30, 2013

Students buy items for Angel Food Drive

By Devan Strebing devan.strebing@flyergroup.com
Hendricks County Flyer

---- — AVON — The third-grade students of Pamela Cintas and Gina Grove of Hickory Elementary School have been learning math while doing community service.

For the past five weeks the two classes have been doing chores at home to earn money to buy items for the Angel Food Drive.

“We thought maybe each child would bring in 50 cents to a dollar a week, so we thought maybe $100 dollars a week would be coming in, $500 max over the five weeks,” Cintas said. “We ended up getting way more than I ever thought.”

The students actually raised close to $1,100 with the help of coupons and donations, and on Tuesday, they were divided into 10 teams and taken to either Meijer or Kroger to buy the food items.

Meijer donated $50 to the classes and Kroger donated $50 at first, and then donated another $50 when the students started shopping there.

The students were learning about math while earning money to help the Angel Food Drive as well.

“They would bring in their money every week and at each table they would share with their table mates how much money they brought in, and they would all verify that’s what they had,” Cintas said. “They would then calculate their total on the table and write their tables’ total on the board. They then would have to figure out the total of the whole class for that week.”

While shopping for the items for the food drive, the students had to determine how much of each food item their group could purchase with their share of the money. Each group had to get a certain item. They had to decide what the best value was for their money.

“When we were at the grocery stores, it wasn’t just getting the items, there was a lot of math involved,” one student said. “We had to add it all up to get the food that will go to those that need it.”

Some chores the students said they did around their homes were laundry, washing dishes, putting away things, helping with outside work, cleaning, and helping out with pets.

“The purpose of this was to make math relevant for the kids, they need to learn math through problem-solving,” Cintas said. “This teaches the kids about helping others in the community and how that one person can make a difference. Every little bit helps and every little bit we did added up to a lot all together.”

There were chaperones that went with the students on the field trip to the stores on Tuesday, and people at the store and people working at the store were very responsive to what they were doing.

“The Kroger manager said that if I contact him earlier, he can try to speak with his corporate office to see if they could get us a better deal,” Cintas said.

Cintas said she would like to do this every year, but some things she would change would be extending the time between getting the money and going to the store to get the items. She says she would rather have more time to do more math with the students in that time.

“It was the first time I’ve done this, but I think it was very successful, the kids were very excited about it,” she said. “I’m very proud of all of them.”

Items that were bought in bulk for the Angel Food Drive included 315 canned goods such as fruits and vegetables, 132 boxes of pasta, 119 jars of pasta sauce, 46 jars of peanut butter and 46 jars of jelly, 40 boxes of cereal, 162 boxes of macaroni and cheese, 97 boxed meals, and 133 cans of soup.