Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN

November 1, 2012

2012 Candidate profiles



Editor’s note: All candidates running for office in the Nov. 6 election were invited to submit a brief biography of themselves or a message to voters. Below are the responses from those who chose to participate.



Richard Mourdock - R


Richard Mourdock spend 30 years managing businesses in the energy, construction, and environmental industries. He has served as Indiana state treasurer since 2007 and as a Vanderburgh County commissioner from 1995 to 2002. He’s also a licensed professional geologist.

He and his wife, Marilyn, reside in Evansville.

“Our nation is facing a crisis caused by overspending and debt that threatens to cripple our economy for generations. To turn our economy around and to create opportunities, we must do in Washington what Gov. Daniels and I have done here in Indiana — cut spending, balance the federal budget, and shrink the size of government. We also need to simplify our tax code, cut unneccessary and burdensome regulations, and replace Obamacare with patient-driven reforms that will actually cut health costs.

“As a state treasurer, I have been a part of restoring Indiana’s fiscal health. I helped our state earn over $1.3 billing in investment income for Hoosier taxpayers. We dramatically expanded the number of college savings accounts for Hoosiers and made it easier for employees to purchase their companies to keep those jobs in Indiana.

“As a businessman for 30-plus years, I gained valuable private sector experience as well.”


Joe Donnelly - D


As a husband, father, and former small business owner, Joe Donnelly understands the Hoosier values of family, faith, and hard work. These values were instilled in Joe starting at a young age from his father, a small business owner, and his mother, a homemaker.

Joe met his wife, Jill, while in college in South Bend. They got married in 1979 and raised their two children, Molly and Joe Jr., in northern Indiana, in the home that Jill’s father helped build almost 30 years ago.

For many years, Joe ran a small printing shop in Mishawaka, so he understands the challenges of balancing a budget, making payroll, and hiring workers.

He served on the Indiana State Election Board from 1988-89, allowing him to work with members of both parties to ensure fair and accurate election results. Joe served on the school board for Marian High School from 1997-2001 and as president during the 2000-01 term. In this position, he gained insight and experience in managing and finding solutions to the problems that our education system faces.

In 2006, Joe was elected to U.S. Congress to represent Indiana’s 2nd District. He is currently serving his third term after being re-elected in 2008 and ‘10. He is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, which promotes a moderate agenda focused on fiscal discipline and strong national security. Joe serves on two committees that help meet the diverse needs of north central Indiana: Financial Services and Veterans’ Affairs.

Joe decided to run for U.S. Senate because he thinks Hoosier men and women deserve a senator who is focused on what matters most: finding and keeping a good job so they can take care of their families and retire with dignity.


Andrew Horning - L

No response.



Mike Pence - R


“A lifelong Hoosier from Columbus, I believe in promoting economic freedom, encouraging hard work, ensuring our schools work for all Hoosier children, and respecting the values that make Indiana great. I am running for governor because I love this state and because I have a vision for the future of Indiana.

“Our campaign is about making Indiana the state that works for all Hoosiers. Where we promote private sector job growth, develop world-class schools, protect taxpayers and support Hoosier families. Where we create new products, develop new industries, find new cures, and send our Hoosier products from factory, farm, and lab, to every part of the world. Where Hoosiers are entrepreneurs and engineers, innovators and technicians, dreamers, builders, and creators. Where we believe in the future and always look forward.

“With job creation at the forefront of my campaign, I believe we can make Indiana the most attractive place in the Midwest to start a business, grow a business, or get a job:

n The time has come to cut taxes for every Hoosier, in the city, in the factory, and on the farm. For this reason, I have announced plans to cut the personal income tax by 10 percent, the largest cut in individual income tax in Indiana.

n Critical to the Hoosier economy, 48 percent of Indiana’s jobs exist in small businesses. In order to help them continue to hire Hoosiers, I have pushed to freeze new regulations until existing regulations can be reviewed for cost-effectiveness and to ensure they place the least burden on job creation.

n In order to bring more jobs to Hoosiers, I believe Indiana must work to launch and attract more high-growth, high-impact firms. To do so, I have outlined ways to accelerate Indiana innovation by encouraging collaboration between Indiana’s world-class research universities and the private sector.

n To provide better opportunities for the next generation of Hoosier leaders, I have proposed plans to improve career, technical, and vocational education for Indiana high school students and make higher education more affordable and accessible. Indiana should aspire to have the best-educated and best-skilled high school graduates, and our schools should prepare Hoosier students to either successfully enter the workforce or pursue higher education, at an affordable cost with realistic expectations, upon graduation.

“To learn more about all 13 of my policy proposals to make Indiana the state that works, please visit www.RoadmapforIndiana.com.”


John Gregg - D


John is a lifelong Hoosier, born and raised in the town of Sandborn in Southwest Indiana. John is the only candidate with experience in job creation, higher education, and state government.

At 15, John created his first job after purchasing a local soda shoppe in his hometown. He worked his way up from that small soda shoppe to work for two Fortune 500 companies and earned a law degree while working his way through night school.

As a former president of Vincennes University, John understands that in order to have good jobs, we also need a well-educated and well-trained workforce.

Finally, as a former Speaker of the Indiana House, John has cut taxes, invested in education, and balanced the budget, all in a bi-partisan way. As governor, he will focus on creating jobs and strengthening our economy, not divisive social issues.


Rupert Boneham - L

No response.



Greg Zoeller - R

No response.


Kay Fleming - D

No response.



Tony Bennett - R


Dr. Tony Bennett is a dedicated husband and father of four children — including one set of triplets. He has dedicated his professional life to education, working as a teacher, coach, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. This experience has provided Tony a firm understanding of the important role education plays in the lives of Hoosier children, both for this generation of students and those that follow.

Upon his election as Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2008, Tony set high expectations for all Indiana students. These objectives include achieving a 90 percent graduation rate, a 25 percent pass rate for high school students taking advanced placement coursework, and a 90 percent pass rate for both the state’s English and Math assessments.

Working closely with Gov. Mitch Daniels and the Indiana General Assembly, Tony led efforts to improve Indiana’s education system. The most important changes focus on ensuring that every classroom in Indiana has an effective teacher and every child can read by the time he or she leaves the third grade.

Under the leadership of Dr. Bennett, the hard work of Hoosier educators and students is paying off. Since 2009, academic progress has risen to new heights of success, such as:

n 85.7 percent of Indiana students graduated high school in 2011, the highest mark in Indiana’s history.

n Indiana is second in the nation for student performance gains on Advanced Placement exams.

n Student test scores have improved by over 8 percent.

Your support is integral to the success of education in Indiana. Please feel free to visit Tony’s website at www.TonyBennett2012.com if you are interested in more information or offering your support to the campaign.


Glenda Ritz - D

No response.



Todd Rokita - R


Todd Rokita is the Representative for Indiana’s Fourth Congressional District. During his first term in Congress, Rep. Rokita has been working to change the culture of spending, debt, and bureaucracy in Washington, to ensure that the children of tomorrow will inherit a better country.

Rep. Rokita was elected to Congress in 2010 and began his service in January of 2011. As Indiana’s Secretary of State from 2003-10, he redefined and modernized the office in order to provide Hoosier businesses, individuals, and investors with a better return on their state government.

Even as an elected statewide official, Rokita ran his office on the same budget used in 1987, unadjusted for inflation. He was also an accomplished leader in nationwide election reforms, such as his efforts to implement Indiana’s voter ID law. Indiana’s law was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2008.

Congressman Rokita will continue working to bring Hoosier reforms to Washington, D.C., focusing on fixing America’s debt crisis through common-sense changes to all parts of federal government.

He has served on the House Budget Committee with Chairman Paul Ryan, helping to craft the 2012 and ‘13 House budgets, “The Path to Prosperity.” Through his work on the budget committee, Rep. Rokita has shown his commitment to championing limited government, constitutionalism, and free enterprise.

Rep. Rokita also serves on the House Education and Workforce Committee, where he prioritizes regulatory reform for Hoosier job creators and a strong educational system with minimal federal interference. In cooperation with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Rokita launched the Red Tape Rollback initiative to lead in changing or delaying implementation or burdensome regulations that are preventing Indiana’s job creators from growing our economy and putting Hoosiers back to work.

His work in the Secretary of State’s office has also prepared him for his position on the Committee on House Administration. The committee is responsible for ensuring efficient and responsible spending in key areas of House operations, as well as providing oversight of federal elections.

Upon his election in 2010, Congressman Rokita was selected by his incoming freshman class to serve on the steering committee, which functions as a board of directors for House Republicans, determining committee chairmen and assignments. As a member of this committee, Congressman Rokita provides Indiana with a direct connection to leadership decisions.

Congressman Rokita is also a commercial-rated pilot, routinely applying his training for charitable work by flying medically-related non-emergency flights for those who are in need through the Angel Flight program and Veterans Airlift Command.

A proud Little Giant, Rokita earned his bachelor of arts degree from Wabash College, and was selected as an Eli Lilly Fellow, Wabash’s highest award. Congressman Rokita went on to earn a law degree from the Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis.

Todd and his wife Kathy are the proud parents of two young boys: Teddy and Ryan. The family lives near Clermont and worship at St. Malachy Parish. Rokita is also a member of St. Thomas More Parish in Munster.


Tara Nelson - D


“I’m running for congress to better represent the middle class and those less fortunate. I’m committed to making education and health care affordable; ensuring fair gasoline prices by regulating the stock market; creating better access to health care for veterans and ensuring they have employment when they come home from service; protecting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; lowering the national deficit by withdrawing from Afghanistan; and creating tax incentives for businesses that improve the economy.

“I’m qualified for this office because I have formal leadership training and experience in two Fortune 500 companies. I have six years of management experience, and I’m Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified. I have been re-elected as president of Southaven Villa’s LLC for six years. In addition to my leadership experience I also have experience in technical writing, validation and quality. These job skills will serve me well in congress. I’ll write legislation to support our middle class, and identify and close current loopholes and earmarks.

“My priority in congress is to improve our economy. Big company executives have received a 500 percent salary increase in the past 15 years and the middle class received 5 percent. Our middle class and lower income salaries are frozen, and our jobs are being outsourced overseas. Our middle class is unemployed, underemployed, and underpaid. To fix this issue we must change our tax incentives to reward all companies to hire and retain American employees; and eliminate the tax incentives for outsourcing.”

Nelson works as an IT project manager. She is the mother of Alexandria Elizabeth Nelson, 10.

For more information, visit her campaign website at http://taranelsonforcongress.com.


Benjamin Gehlhausen - L

No response.



Pete Miller - R


Pete Miller has been serving as state senator since April 2012 when he was selected to complete the term of Secretary of State Connie Lawson.

Prior to then, he worked in the administration of Gov. Mitch Daniels as director of the Government Efficiency & Financial Planning division within the Indiana Office of Management & Budget (OMB).

Pete is the former chairman of the Hendricks County Republican Party and current chair of the 4th District Republican Congressional Committee. He is a 2001 graduate of Leadership Hendricks County and has been an active member of Avon United Methodist Church since 1995.

He is a proud father to three children who all attend Avon Community Schools.

Pete plans to build on his OMB experience by integrating results-based performance measures into the budget development process. He is a supporter of recent K-12 education reforms, but recognizes the need to monitor their ongoing implementation for success. Pete believes there should be increased focus on job training for adults, particularly those without college degrees. He believes government’s economic role is to establish a fair, equitable environment and then get out of the way to allow the private sector to thrive.

He wants to scale back the state’s participation in federal programs which come with strings attached and only add to our national debt.

Lastly, Pete will post a transparent record of all his legislative activities online.


Charles Albert Bender - D


Charles Bender was born and raised in the Midwest, then lived, worked, and traveled abroad. He graduated from public schools with B.S. in math, B.S. in biology, and M.S. in statistics. He attended graduate school on a National Institutes of Health full scholarship.

He and his wife Sheri have been married for 46 years and have two adopted children.

Bender enlisted in U.S. Navy and served during the Vietnam war measuring radiation effects on humans. He worked 41 years in IBM sales, technology, and management. In that position he has led projects with tight schedules, long hours, and international teams with max profits. He has managed corporate and family finances, and received 27 business awards.

His experience includes publishing his master’s degree thesis; developing U.S. government regulations on early TV/CRT radiation shielding; documenting the beneficial effects of low-level radiation saving wasted food; enforcing corporate multi-million dollar, multi-year budget management; leading diverse international teams satisfying multiple, sometimes conflicting goals; leading missions to poor, disadvantaged families in Appalachia; and owning a green construction company and women’s accessory sales business.

Bender is vice chair of Hendricks County Democratic Committee and is a member of Mensa Society. He has been a team leader and fundraiser for the Bridgeport CT Habitat for Humanity board of directors, a youth leader of Appalachia Service Project (home building and repair), and a lifetime member of United Methodist Church, as treasurer, board member, youth leader

He enjoys reading, travel, computer science, history, engineering and design, green construction, recycling, and camping.

As your Indiana Senator, Charles Bender says he will work to ensure sound financial management in a government that “misplaced” over $500 million while cutting education funding, eliminating women’s health programs, removing the rights of teachers, firefighters and public employees to collective bargaining while transferring state money to private and religious schools.

He will make sure that quality public education is available for all our children, ensure that parents have health and family planning support and sufficient means to provide good homes for their families, have safe air, water and food, and can retire with dignity.

He has the financial management experience to ensure Indiana’s resources are managed and used to benefit all Hoosiers, not just special interest groups. And he will stop wasted energy and funding used to advance frivolous legislation such as threatening children with fines if they don’t sing the national anthem properly, or demonizing teachers, gays, and Girl Scouts, the teaching of creationism instead of real science, and de-funding women’s health programs.

He will focus on key initiatives, like supporting healthcare for everyone, enhancing women’s access to family planning and equal pay, ensuring equal rights to marriage for all people, removal of the “Right-to-Work” law to get good jobs for all workers, support for better public schools and teachers, and making sure public is informed of Senate activities.



R. Michael Young - R


Republican Mike Young has been proudly serving the citizens of Senate District 35 since he was elected in 2000.

As your state senator, Mike has been working with Gov. Daniels and fellow Republicans to make Indiana the best state in the nation to live, work, and raise a family. As a citizen-legislator, Mike Young lives under the very same laws all Hoosiers do. During his senate career, Young has:

n Passed legislation to permanently cap property taxes;

n Passed legislation to eliminate the death tax;

n Passed Right to Work legislation so workers are not forced to join a union in order to find employment;

n Passed meaningful education reform that gives parents more choices and helps save costs on higher education;

n Sponsored legislation to protect Hoosiers from Obamacare;

n Authored and passed legislation that restores Indiana’s Castle Doctrine to protect Hoosiers from unlawful entry into their homes.

Mike currently serves as chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce and Economic Development and also serves on several other key Senate Committees including: Corrections, Criminal & Civil Matters, and Pensions & Labor.

He is a member of the IUPUI Board of Advisors and the Wayne Township GOP Club.

An attorney and political consultant, he resides in Speedway. Prior to his election to the Senate, Mike served in the Indiana House of Representatives and on the Marion County Board of Zoning Appeals. He was named the Indiana State Public Employee’s Legislator of the Year in 1995.

Senate District 35 is composed of Guilford and Liberty townships in Hendricks County, and Decatur Township and portions of Wayne Township in Marion County.


Mark Waterfill - D

A practicing attorney for 25 years, Waterfill has focused mainly on the areas of commercial litigation and employment law. He is a partner at Benesch Attorneys at Law, which merged with Dann Pecar Newman and Kleiman in 2010. He is the former chair of the Indiana State Bar Association’s section on Labor and Employment Law and has served as an Indianapolis Bar Association Fellow.

Widely recognized as an expert in his field, he is a frequent lecturer on employment law issues. He also is one of the owners of Sugar Grove Senior Living, a 164-unit senior apartment complex on Moon Road in Plainfield.

Senate District 35 needs a positive voice at the Statehouse, Waterfill said, adding that our leaders need to focus on issues like education and economic development, which will ultimately strengthen the district and put the next generation on solid footing to compete in the global economy.

In addition to his professional work, Waterfill is actively engaged in numerous community organizations. He has served on the boards of the United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Indiana, Make a Wish Foundation of Indiana, Bethany Christian Services, Veterans Service Foundation, and the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation. He also is a member of the Amo Bird Dog Conservation Club and national Shoot to Retrieve Association.

Waterfill ran for the U.S. Congress in the Indiana Seventh District as a Democrat in 1988.

A native of southern Indiana, Waterfill is a graduate of both Hanover College and Indiana University Maurer School of Law. He is a former member of Teamsters Local 135 and a 2nd and 3rd class welder at Jeffboat.

He said he will advocate for working men and women.

Waterfill and Missy, his wife of 29 years, are the parents of four children. Mrs. Waterfill is a middle school English teacher in Monrovia. They have lived in Plainfield since 1986 and all four children have attended Plainfield schools. The family worships at Plainfield Christian Church, where Waterfill is a Sunday school teacher.



Jeffrey A. Thompson - R


Incumbent Jeffrey A. Thompson of Lizton is 56. He and his wife Michelle have been married for 19 years and have six children ranging in age from 8 to 18: Caleb, Isaac, Abe, Lydia, Josiah, and Anna.

Thompson graduated from Purdue University in 1978 with a B.S. in physics.

“I want to be a part of making Indiana the best state in the United States with respect to education, fiscal soundness, and tax policy, business and the job creation climate, employment opportunities and wages, and the atmosphere for a high quality of life.

“I served as a teacher in our public schools for over 30 years. I was a part of operating and managing a family farm for over 20 years. I serve on a local bank board. I have served our community in numerous ways over the years, including on the county and State Fair boards during the 1980s and 90s. I have experience on the Ways and Means and Education committees and have been the chief architect of the school funding formula for the House Republicans.”


James Rainwater - L

No response.



Gregory E. Steuerwald - R


Incumbent Greg Steuerwald of Hendricks County has served in the Indiana House of Representatives since 2007.

Steuerwald was born Sept. 12, 1952, in Terre Haute, and now resides in Avon. He has three grown children: Joshua Garver, D.D.S., Jordan Gorgievski, and Adam Steuerwald.

He earned a B.S. from Indiana State University in 1974, a masters in criminal justice in ‘77 from the University of Alabama, and a J.D. from Indiana University in ‘81. He is a member of the Hendricks County and Indiana State Bar Associations.

Steuerwald also belongs to the Avon United Methodist Church and the Danville Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to attending law school, Steuerwald utilized his masters in criminal justice by serving as a probation officer for two years. While attending Indiana University – Indianapolis, he served as an intern in the Hendricks County Prosecutor’s Office. Upon graduation from law school, he joined his present law firm and has been there since 1981.

Steuerwald’s law firm presently represents the Hendricks County Board of Commissioners, the Hendricks County Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, Hendricks Regional Health, and the Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District.

In 1996, Steuerwald received the Hendricks County Outstanding Economic Development Award. He is also a registered mediator, receiving a Certificate of Recognition in Family Mediation Training through the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum.

He served as chairman of the Summer Study Commission charged with rewriting the Sex Offender Registry, and was a member of the Criminal Code Evaluation Commission rewriting Indiana’s Criminal Code for the first time since 1977.

Steuerwald also served on the Courts and Criminal Code Committee, Ethics Committee, Judiciary Committee, Financial Institutions Committee, and Labor Committee.

Among his other accomplishments while in office are:

n HB 1142 (Co-Authored)  - Residency of Police officers, signed into law by Daniels;

n HB 1023 (Authored) – Payment of fee by landfill through solid waste district to Hendricks County of $80,000 per year;

n HB 1001 – Provides permanent property tax relief to homeowners. Single largest tax cut in the history of Indiana;

n HB 1141 (Authored) – Allow for Child Molestation to become a Class B felony to better protect our children;

n Passed a balance budget without raising taxes;

n Passed automatic taxpayer refund;

n Phased out the inheritance tax; and

n Passed funding for full day kindergarten.

Steueuwald may be contacted at the Statehouse by calling (800) 232-9841 or at his District office at 745-4485.


John E. (Sam) Follis II - D


John Follis is a candidate for the office of State Representative for District 40. John’s intent is to bring the voice of the people back into the legislative process. John understands the frustration so many feel when their voice seems to fall on deaf ears. As State Representative, John will meet with his constituents on a regular basis. John is available to discuss the issues that are important to the residents of the District. John believes in listening to the concerns of the people.

Partisan politics and the agendas of special interests groups will not override the voice of the people John will represent at the Statehouse.

John has been representing the interests of workers through his current position as training director of the Insulation Industry Apprenticeship Program for 14 years. He also served six years as a business representative for the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators in Indianapolis, representing a membership throughout 32 counties in Indiana.

John also works for Gribbins Insulation Company, Inc. as a professional insulation mechanic with 23 years in the business.

John graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Christian ministries in 1986 from Lincoln Christian University.

He is a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Plainfield, Sons of the American Legion Post 145 in Avon, ABATE of Indiana Region 11, National Rifle Association, Union Sportsmen’s Alliance, and the Hendricks County Democratic Party.  

John has two children. His daughter, Emily Follis, is a junior at the University of Southern Indiana and his son, Sam Follis, is a junior at Cascade High School. John and his wife Charollette live in Avon and attend Crossroads Church.

For more information, visit his campaign website at www.follisforstaterep.com.



Robert W. Behning - R

No response.


Michael J. Blinn - D

No response.



Robert W. Freese - R

Unopposed. No response.



Karen M. Love - R

Unopposed. No response.



Mark A. Smith - R


Mark Smith is the current judge of the Hendricks Superior Court No. 4. Prior to being elected judge, he served as a court commissioner in 2003 and magistrate in ‘05. He regularly presides over a variety of civil and criminal matters.

Judge Smith considers one of his biggest accomplishments to be starting the first drug treatment court in Hendricks County. The drug court is designed to provide intensive supervision and treatment to those who are suffering from substance abuse and addiction. 

Judge Smith serves as trustee for the Hendricks County Pro Bono Program which assists qualified individuals with access to lawyers. He also serves on the Probation Committee for the Judicial Conference of Indiana. In 2011, Judge Smith was appointed to the Committee on Character and Fitness for admission to the Bar of Indiana by the Indiana Supreme Court.

In addition, Judge Smith graduated in 2010 from the Indiana Judicial College after completing 120 hours of judicial college courses. Judge Smith is a member of the Plainfield Optimist Club. He is also a member of the American Bar Association, American Judicature Society, the Indiana Bar Association, and the Hendricks County Bar Association.

He and his wife have two children and they live in Plainfield. They are members of the Plainfield Christian Church. In the past, Judge Smith was active in coaching youth sports including basketball, baseball, softball, football, and soccer. Judge Smith enjoys going to schools to teach students about law and the courts. He also volunteers for the 21st Century Scholars program.



Stephanie LeMay-Luken - R

Unopposed. No response.



Debbie Hoskins - R

Unopposed. No response.



Cinda Kattau - R

Unopposed. No response.



Nancy L. Marsh - R


Nancy L. Marsh is seeking re-election to the Hendricks County Treasurer’s position.

The Ttreasurer is the custodian of all money belonging to the county. The treasurer is the financial officer of the county and as such is vested with the authority and is charged with the duty of collecting all taxes and assessments which are due and payable to the county, pursuant to statute.

Responsibilities include managing and investing county funds; receipting over 100,000 tax payments; receipting excise, wheel and sur tax; balancing all checking, savings, and investment accounts; partnering with the auditor’s office with the tax sale process; balancing monthly with the auditor all funds; processing all bankruptcy claims; billing semi-annual reconstructions; Alcoholic Beverage Commission tax clearance; mobile home moving/transfer permits; and more.

Marsh’s goal is to serve the people of Hendricks County with compassion, integrity, and competence.

She and her husband Wayne have been married for 40 years. She is the mother of two daughters and the grandmother to four.

Among her professional accomplishments are 2006 IACC Auditor of the Year, 2013 President of Indiana County Treasurers’ Association, Recipient of the Arthur R. Himsel Award, Lifetime Achievement Award from Association of Indiana Counties, and Ronald Reagan Achievement Award.

She is a past national president Kappa Delta Phi National Sorority and served on the Wayne Township Adult Basic Education Council.

Marsh served as Middle Township Trustee Assessor from 1994 to 2000; Hendricks County Auditor from 2001 to ‘07, and has been the Hendricks County Treasurer since 2008.



Joe Neuman - R

Unopposed. No response.



Matthew D. Whetstone - R


Matt Whetstone is employed by Krieg DeVault LLP and is an Executive Director of the Governmental Affairs Practice group.

Before joining Krieg DeVault, Matt served as a member of the Indiana House of Representatives (1996-2007), serving Hendricks and Morgan Counties. He rose to the rank of Chairman of the House Rules Committee and Ranking Member of the House Public Policy Committee. He also served on the Brownsburg Town Council and Brownsburg Redevelopment Commission & Authority in 1996. Matt was appointed as Brown Township Deputy Trustee in 2012.

Matt earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Ball State University, 1992. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of First National Bank, Cloverdale Indiana. Matt also spends some of his weekends as an Indycar Pit Tech for the IZOD Indycar Series.

Matt has been married to his wife Deanna for 18 years and they have two kids, Sadie (14) and Calvin (12) who attend Kingsway Christian School. The Whetstone Family attends Plainfield Christian Church.


Nicholas G. Schmutte - D


“I am a lifelong Hoosier. I grew up on the north side of Indianapolis. I have lived in Hendricks County for 15 years, and have been a candidate for Superior Court Judge, as well as State Representative.

I have a B.S. from Marian University, a M.S. from Butler University, and a law degree from Indiana University. I retired from Rolls-Royce after 37 years of service, 22 on the manufacturing floor, and 15 in management. I was a practicing attorney for 10 years after I left Rolls-Royce, focusing on consumer bankruptcy.

I have canoed whitewater throughout the Midwest, from the Embarrass in Missouri to the Youghiogheny in Pennsylvania. I have toured the U.S. by motorcycle from Georgia to Washington State, from Texas to Canada. I was Snipe sailboat fleet champion three consecutive years. I was one of the best bankruptcy attorneys in the area.

When I acquired my first horse, he had not been ridden in three years, and was convinced he was still a stallion. With a lot of patience and persistence I earned his trust and confidence, and he has become my second best friend, after my wife.

As a Democrat running in a county that is 70 percent Republican, my chances of winning election are remote, but we cannot have a democracy without an election, and we cannot have an election without candidates. If I am elected, I will apply the same principles to my office as I applied to earning the trust and confidence of my horse. I am not hidebound by ideology, and I like to think outside the box to find solutions to problems. I throw myself wholeheartedly into any task I undertake, and being Hendricks County Commissioner would be no exception.

When you go to the polls in November, I ask you to look past the first button on the machine and evaluate the candidates individually, not by party affiliation.



Phyllis A. Palmer - R


Phyllis A. Palmer is a candidate for Hendricks County Commissioner, District 3. She is experienced in serving the residents of Hendricks County as commissioner for two terms, County Council for 4 years, and 11 years as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Plainfield Community School Corporation.

She is active in community groups and organizations as a volunteer. She currently serves as president of the West Central District of the Indiana Association of County Commissioners serving on that association’s awards, legislative, and budget committees.

She is a long-time resident of Hendricks County; a wife, mother, and grandmother; and a member of Plainfield Christian Church.



Caleb Brown - R


Caleb Brown was born and raised in Hendricks County. He received his bachelor degree in business administration from Indiana University Kelley School of Business in 2005. He has been working in the construction materials industry ever since, and currently is an account and credit manager for U.S. Aggregates INC.

Caleb lives in Brownsburg with his wife Heather, and their three beautiful children.

Caleb believes that the fiscal responsibility of the county is of upmost importance and should be treated with great regard.  He believes in working together with the commissioners, councilmen, and the people to make the best fiscal decisions for the county.

Caleb believes that he can provide the proper leadership to make tough decisions in regards to infrastructure, economic growth, and business development.

Most importantly, Caleb will listen to the public’s needs and goals, and do the absolute best to achieve them.

To find out more, visit his website at www.calebbrownforcouncil.com.


Larry R. Hesson - R


Larry R. Hesson is seeking re-election to the Hendricks County Council.

“I am dedicated to maintaining the spirit of cooperation within county government and among other government units in Hendricks County. I am determined to carry on the best utilization of the limited funds available to the county. I will continue to assist efforts to attract additional employers in order to expand the tax base. I will participate in the ongoing lobbying efforts for funding for expenses mandated by the State.”

Hesson and his wife Madalyn have resided in Plainfield for 40 years. They are the parents of  Elise Smith (Chad), Liane McClure (Mark) and Brett Hesson (Ashley), all residing in Hendricks County. The Hessons also have eight grandchildren.

Hesson earned a bachelor of arts degree from Indiana University and his doctor of jurisprudence degree from IU School of Law. He graduated from Indiana Judicial College and the  D.I.P.L.O.M.A. program.

He has been in private law practice in Hendricks County and is now semi-retired. He formerly served as school attorney for the Plainfield Community School Corporation, as a deputy prosecuting attorney for Hendricks County, as judge of Hendricks Superior Court II, and as senior judge appointed by the Indiana Supreme Court for multiple years.

Hesson is now serving his 11th year on the county council, having been elected five times.

He serves on the board of director of Hendricks College Network and the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority; on the executive board and legislative committee of the Association of Indiana Counties;

He’s serving his second term as president of the Indiana County Councils Association; is a member of the Indiana Advisory Commission Intergovernmental Relations, Hendricks County Community Corrections Advisory Board, and the Hendricks County Bar Association; is a member and past president of the Plainfield Optimist Club and was a youth soccer coach for the past 13 seasons; is a former member of the Ronald Reagan Parkway Task Force; has been a delegate to the Indiana State Republican Convention multiple times; belongs to American Mensa Ltd. and Central Indiana Mensa; and was named 2006 Outstanding Indiana County Council Member.


Richard (Dick) Thompson - R


Richard “Dick” Thompson is seeking re-election to the Hendricks County Council. As a current councilman, he also serves as a member of the Hendricks County Fair Board and as president of the Hendricks County Tourism Commission.

Thompson and his wife, Clara, have been actively involved in Hendricks County for more than 50 years while raising and enjoying five children and 17 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Upon graduating from Purdue University, Thompson began a 34-year career as a math and science teacher, coach, and principal at North Salem and Tri-West high schools. He currently serves as an advisory board member of the North Salem State Bank and for many years operated a painting business and was associated with family agricultural interests.

Thompson was actively involved with the establishment of Leadership Hendricks County and the Hendricks College Network. He has been a Republican State Convention delegate, platform committee member, and currently serves as a precinct committeeman. From 1986 to ‘93, he was the Hendricks County Republican Chairman. He is the immediate past president  of the Hendricks County Retired Teachers Association.

In 1979, Thompson was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives and in ‘84 to the Indiana Senate where he served in a leadership capacity. He currently is a governmental and legislative affairs consultant.

Thompson said his immediate goals are to keep Hendricks County fiscally sound, to well maintain the existing county highway and building infrastructure, and to work toward the completion of Ronald Reagan Parkway.

He said he believes his past experience in working with state, county, town, township, and school government serves him well in helping to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Hendricks County.


Adam Kilbride - D


“Hello, I am Adam Kilbride, and I am running for county council at-large. That means if you live anywhere in Hendricks County, you can vote for me.  

“I am married with four children. I work in Plainfield as an account data analyst and now I am seeking an additional job ... And that job is to go to work for you this January 2013.  

“Folks of Hendricks County, YOU HAVE A CHOICE! You can continue going down the same path you are currently being lead down or you can change directions. When you go the voting machine, select Adam Kilbride for county council at-large. By electing Adam Kilbride, you start to bring balance to our local government.

“When you vote for Adam Kilbride, you will be voting for:

• A new generation of leadership.

• A council member that considers you when decisions are made.

• A council member who will tighten up the purse strings and eliminate the wasteful spending.

• A council member with a focus on economic growth; while spotlighting business development, and infrastructure.   • I will do my part to make Hendricks County the number one county in this state to raise a family, to have a job, to visit, to shop, to dine, and to have a business.

“I am seeking an opportunity to be your voice, an opportunity to take your common sense ideas straight to the council.

“Adam Kilbride is a creative problem solver, who is always seeking a new, efficient, and better way of doing things. Please elect Adam F. Kilbride for county council at-large this Nov. 6, 2012.”


Karen O’Brien - D


Karen O’Brien is asking for your vote to place her on the County Council in an At-Large seat. 

Karen’s home is in Belleville. She holds a B.A. degree from Earlham College with advanced work in industrial psychology and statistics from IUPUI in Indianapolis.

She is Quaker, a daughter of Quaker Minister Leonard R. Hall and teacher Zula Z. Hall.   

Karen has a varied career with over 20 years’ state employment, 1980 to present, in program management. Currently regional director of programs, she is responsible for the fiscal plans and action plans of 24 contracts in South West Indiana. Programs that she manages touch over a hundred organizations and the lives of thousands of individuals from Evansville to Covington, Bloomington to Clarksville.

Karen has owned and managed a bar/restaurant, worked as a school bus driver and substitute teacher, worked two and sometimes more jobs throughout her career and life as a single mother of two sons.

Nick, 30, is a 12-year Marine Sergeant and a veteran of the Iraq War. Tim, 28, is a probation officer in Owen County.

Karen has a vision for Hendricks County that includes fiscal vigilance in all budgetary matters and matters of constituent health, safety, and well-being; participating in Hendricks County government as a team player and working toward consensus of purpose on pressing issues of energy efficiency, safe streets, environmental growth, excellence in education, and issues of agriculture and business.

“Please vote this November, and vote for me, Karen O’Brien. I am passionate about health and safety and well-being of all my Hendricks County neighbors. I look forward to being fully engaged as County Council At Large, in the process of developing partnerships that will improve management of our resources and provide opportunities for pursuit of happiness for our citizens.”


Greg Reynolds - D

No response.




(Washington Township)

Anne L. Englehardt


John McDavid


“I am John McDavid, and I am running for Avon Community School Board.

“Excellent schools are key to a community’s ability to thrive, and to attract businesses and new residents. We are faced with challenging economic times which contribute to financial stress on our schools. We, as a community, must pull together to maintain excellence in our schools and provide opportunities for our children; while dealing with the financial challenges we face. I want to do my part to help in this  endeavor, which is why I am running for school board.  I promise my hard work, my sound judgment, my integrity, and that all decisions will be made in the best interests of the schools and the community which we serve.

“I grew up one of 13 children in a home where education was emphasized. My father was a school teacher and coach who later became a university professor. By foregoing vacations, new cars, and  dining out, my parents guaranteed each of us could go to any college to which we were admitted. This also meant saving our money from all summer jobs we worked.

“I graduated from Notre Dame with a B.A. in government and international studies in 1985. After working for a year, I attended IU-Bloomington Law School, and graduated with honors in 1989. For nearly 20 years, I worked and became a partner at one of the largest law firms in the state. For four years, I served on the management committee of that firm, being responsible for all aspects of running the firm, including budgeting, hiring, performance measurement, and training.

“Education, and the sacrifice it took to get it, were keys to opportunities for my family and me. Over eight years ago, when my wife Pam and I were looking to establish our home, we chose Avon, in large part because of the excellent schools. Our oldest daughter graduated from Avon High School this past May and is a freshman at IU. We have a daughter who is currently a junior at Avon and a son in second grade at Hickory. Our youngest will start kindergarten at Hickory next year. We have been impressed with the quality of teachers we have encountered, as well as the opportunities for students to grow and develop.

“Please help me bring the community together to overcome the challenges facing our schools, so our community can thrive, our schools can excel, and our children can flourish.”


Rich Pitcock


Susan Robida


Donald P. Somerville


David D. Webb


Kim Woodward


“I am seeking re-election to Avon’s school board for a third term and I ask for your support. As current board president I have, over my two terms, served in a number of additional roles that advocate for schools and children. I am the current Region 7 director for Indiana School Boards Association (ISBA) and have also served on both the Legislative and Nominating Committees. In 2007, I earned a Master Board Member designation.

“My professional life has been devoted to the field of human resources (HR) and I spend a considerable amount of time consulting with other school corporations in HR matters. I am director of HR for Cunningham Restaurant Group (Charbonos) in Avon.

“I have an undergraduate degree in liberal arts and an M.A in adult education, both from IU. Professional designations include Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Certified Training Consultant (Ball State), and Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt.

“Our family attends Kingsway Christian Church where I teach 2-year-olds (a humbling experience!). Our daughters attended Avon schools and both graduated from AHS. During their time in high school, my husband Michael and I were the co-presidents of the Avon Band Boosters. We have two grandsons that I hope, one day, will be Orioles as well.

“But ... my education, self-development, and school/board involvement don’t insure success for kids and education. What I hope does insure that success is that I have become known for fighting diplomatically for Avon. I have tried to use my leadership voice to speak out for our schools and our community because I believe in Avon: its children, teachers, administrators, and staff.

“Indiana education is complex and I ask that you vote for me and my experience. We can’t afford to lose momentum and I bring the experience and know-how to keep Avon on the respected onward and upward course we are on. Thank you for your support!”



(Brown Township)

Richard Sutton


(Lincoln Seat - 1)

Kim R. Lucas


Incumbent Kim Lucas is 57 and works for Avon Products, Inc. She is married to Bob Lucas and is the mother of Danielle, Jason, and Keagan Kline (first-grader at Delaware Trail).

“Serving on the board for 24 years, I have a passion for the education of our children. Ours are among the best schools in the state but we must keep improving. My priority is to provide the best overall education for our students, keeping within prudent fiscal limits. All areas of school life: academics, athletics, arts, and the social aspects are important to provide the well rounded education our children need.

“I’ve effectively worked with many administrators and board members and kept my focus on giving our children the best education possible while keeping our taxpayers in mind. Even as other systems put forth referendums for more money, we held the line. Last year, our ISTEP scores, graduation rates, and high school scores were the highest ever. I believe I am the best candidate based on the outstanding results of the Brownsburg schools during my terms of service.”


Phil Utterback

(Lincoln Seat - 2)


My name is Phil Utterback and I am running for a position on the Brownsburg Community School Corporation school board. My wife, Phyllis, my two daughters, and I have lived in Brownsburg for 25 years. Both of my daughters graduated from Brownsburg High School.

Before moving to Brownsburg, I was a fifth-grade teacher in Tippecanoe County, an assistant principal in Hanover, and a principal in Hope for a total of 13 years. While in Brownsburg, I had the privilege of being the principal of Harris Elementary for 14 years and the principal of Delaware Trail Elementary for nine years. I am very grateful to the BCSC and the Brownsburg community for allowing me to be a part of so many students’ lives. I had a wonderful career in education, especially in Brownsburg.

During my 2 1/2 years of retirement, I have missed being involved with the students and staff of the Brownsburg schools. I have a heart and passion for the students and staff of the Bronwsburg schools. I also believe that my experience as a parent and grandparent gives me empathy for parents and an understanding of the needs of all parents.

It is because of my desire to continue to help students that I have decided to run for a position on the school board. I believe that the knowledge gained from my 36 years as an educator will bring a new and different perspective to the issues that come before the board.

I would greatly appreciate your vote on Nov. 6.


Kimberly S. Armstrong


Angela Halsey



(At Large)

Brandon Lawson


Luke Stephenson


(Center Township)

Debbi S. Austin


Michael C. Beaty


Todd Cloncs


My name is Todd Cloncs and I am excited to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Danville School Board of Trustees. I have lived in the Danville community my entire life; playing in Little League sports as a child, attending Danville schools for 13 years, and choosing to raise and educate my two children here.

I obtained a bachelor’s of science degree from Indiana State University and an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. Currently, I am the senior information security advisor at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Additionally, I have served on the Danville School Board of Trustees for the past four years.

These are exciting times at DCSC! Through collaboration between community members, parents, teachers, and administration, Danville has embarked on a transition to the future. The public education system has been stuck in a system that was developed before the first Ford Model-T rolled off the assembly line. Our kids do not learn in the same manner that we learned 40, 30, 20, or even 10 years ago. Our social and economic environments have changed. Our kids learn at a much faster pace than they did when we were in school and are stimulated with technology, smartphones, PCs, Xbox, social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter), more than we could have ever imagined. They are operating at a faster pace than what our current education system can accommodate. We don’t want to slow them down when they get to school; we want to continue to charge them up.

In our collaborative transition, community members, teachers, and administration have teamed up to produce a new district corporate vision that will guide us well into the 21st century.

For more information, visit my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ToddCloncsForDanvilleSchoolBoard.


Jennifer C. Segner


Jennifer Segner is a special education teacher in the Cloverdale School Corporation and media director for the high school and for the district.

She has 10 years of varied experience in education and holds a BA from Purdue in early childhood development and two master’s degrees from IU — one in library science and the other in information science. She is licensed as a special education teacher, certified as a media specialist, and has a principal’s license. Prior to her education career, she worked for seven years in sales and marketing in the computer industry and ran her own business for another five years. She and her husband have lived in Danville since 1996 and have four sons who all attended Danville schools. Their youngest son is currently a senior at the high school. In a recent speech at a candidate’s night in Danville, Jennifer presented her vision and reasons for running :

“… I applaud the work of the current board but believe adding members with education as well as business backgrounds is essential to improving the quality and performance of our system.

“… The first responsibility of the board is to the children — to provide the best possible education at all levels with the resources available to it. Other stakeholders are the taxpayers whose property taxes help fund the schools, the teachers, administrators, and support staff. Taxpayers deserve a fiscally-responsible system that is highly effective in maintaining competitive performance relative to other schools in the county to make our community attractive to families with children and to help support property values.

“… Our current board has done an adequate job but I believe we can do better with a more proactive and academically-focused approach. Our children have to compete in a global economy against competitive countries whose educational performance ranks much higher in secondary education. In 2010 China and Korea ranked first and second in math with the U.S. ranked 25th out of 34 OECD countries. In science we ranked 17th out of 34 and 13 percent below the Chinese. U.S. student performance in math, language arts, and science lag the world by embarrassing margins.

“The IDOE 2012 school report cards for Danville gave our four schools an “A” for the high school and 3 “Cs” for our elementary and middle schools, the lowest scores in the county. We can do better. It is time for a change.

“Specifically, I would like the board to clearly define the vision of this corporation and raise the competitive academic standards with the goal of becoming the best corporation in the county. I want to see greater emphasis on student achievement in an enhanced curriculum that offers more math, science, language, music, and art content. I want resources allocated sufficiently to support this vision and the superintendent held accountable for these goals.

“I want more community involvement at school board meetings and I want all the school principals to attend every meeting with the superintendent to answer board member questions, recognize student achievement, and be available to the public.

“I want to help make our school system the best it can possibly be and ask for your vote Nov. 6.



Matt Steward



(At Large)

Missy Branscum


Jim Bryant


Jim Bryant has lived in Mill Creek community for 23 years.

He attended IUPUI for electrical engineering technology and managed and owned his own electrical business. He worked in the electrical trade for 35 years, retired as an electrical contractor, and is now a stay-at-home father.

Mr. Bryant is the father of seven children, including triplet daughters who are seventh-graders at Cascade Middle School.

His wife, Lorra Bayse Bryant, graduated from Cascade and works as a RN at Hendricks Regional Health.

Mr. Bryant coached youth girls basketball for 16 years in the Mill Creek community.

“Our students are number one. Our students and children are the building blocks for our future. We need to ensure that we equip our students with the tools needed for them to suceed with their goals, plans, and dreams. We need to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money. We need to make sure that we have and retain the best teachers and administrators, and provide them the support and tools they need to give our students the best education and opportunities. Open communications between the administration, teachers, parents, and school board, should be a priority. 

“Please support me in my run for school board. Thank you.”


Jerry Jones


(Clay Township)

Timothy A. Whicker


(Franklin Township)

Gina Boatright


Charlie Morris



(At Large)

Judith M. (Judy) Pingel


(Middle Tonwship)

Steve Sprecher


Steve Sprecher has served on the North West Hendricks School Board representing Middle Township since 2008 and is pleased to announce his candidacy for a second term. His leadership, knowledge, and experience have been instrumental in guiding the board through building projects, negotiations, and other complex matters. He now fills the role of vice president on the board.

He has been a Pittsboro resident for 16 years and is proud to call this community home. Steve is a married father of three wonderful children. Their oldest daughter graduated in 2012 from Tri-West and attends Purdue University. Steve and Stacy also have twins (boy/girl) who are 10th graders at Tri-West.

Steve understands the importance of a superior education and his expectations for all children in the district are high in that regard. His educational background, community involvement, and work experience uniquely qualify him to serve in this critical capacity.

Steve works for General Motors as a labor relations manager in the Human Resources department. He holds a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from General Motors Institute (Kettering) in Flint, Mich., and also has a law degree from Indiana University School of Law.



(Guilford Township)

Sharon G. Dunlevy


“I am running for the Plainfield School Board because I can contribute positively to the Plainfield School Corporation and the Plainfield community. Legislation is often passed down to our school communities by individuals with no practical knowledge of what it takes to educate children and teens in today’s world. I have the skills and background needed to help the Plainfield School Corporation best implement these ever-changing laws and to communicate our plans effectively to the community.

“My education qualifies me as an excellent candidate for Plainfield School Board. I am also well-connected to the Plainfield community. My position as director of a local out of school program and my volunteer work at a local church brings me in contact with families every day. My daughter is currently a student at Clark’s Creek Elementary and I have been a regular school volunteer since she was in kindergarten. These experiences provide me with insight to the needs of the families of Plainfield.”


Scott J. Flood


A member of Plainfield’s School Board since 2000, Scott Flood has a very personal commitment to the future health of the community’s schools: he and Andrea have a daughter who is a junior at PHS and sons who graduated in 2006 and ‘09.

As a board member, Scott has focused on affordably implementing state and federal accountability measures, advocating programs to help children at risk of failure, working to improve the school corporation’s communication with staff and the community, and spearheading long-term planning efforts to meet educational needs and the community’s growth while keeping Plainfield’s school tax rate low.

Scott’s extensive civic involvement has included leadership roles with Leadership Hendricks County, Hendricks County Angel of Hope, the Van Buren and Kindergarten Center PTOs, Plainfield Plus, Boy Scout Troop 308, and the Business Marketing Association.

He has also been involved with the Plainfield Town Center Oversight Committee, Community Values Awareness Program, Kids’ Summer Lunch Bunch, Guilford Township Civic Association, and St. Susanna’s religious education program.

The nationally published writer has operated a communications consulting business since 1995, serving clients throughout Indiana and the nation.

In 2008, he was named Hendricks County Leader of the Year by Leadership Hendricks County.


Dana L. Johnson


David E. Mansfield


In support of the mission of the school corporation, Dave Mansfield has served on the PCSC School Board for the past 20 years. His focus has been confronting concerns with property taxes, future funding at local and state levels, improved test scores, a continued high caliber of teachers and administrators, and managed growth and increased demands on the school system.

Residents of Plainfield since 1975, Dave and his wife, Beth, are members of Resurrection Lutheran Church. Their two daughters are both graduates of PHS and education professionals. Dave is presently retired, having served 39 years as administrative supervisor at Marathon Oil Company and five years as vice president of The Excel Group.

He is an active member of the community with leadership involvement that includes serving as president of First Merchants Charitable Foundation and as a past board member of the Greater Guilford Township Civic Association. Dave has also been involved with Plainfield Plus, Community Values Awareness Program, Leadership Hendricks County, Study Buddy Program, Read UP, Summer Lunch Bunch for Kids, MOC Clothe-a-Child, Hendricks College Network, and umpiring with Girls’ ASA.

“I am a candidate because I enjoy working with and on behalf of children and welcome the challenges of being a board member. I believe that I contribute valuable business expertise in the areas of financial stability and facility management. If elected for another term, I will continue to provide leadership in these areas and assist the corporation to build upon its demonstrated success in educating children while adapting to changing state and federal accountability.

“During my tenure of service on the board, including three terms as president, our corporation built a new high school and continually upgraded all of our other schools while maintaining one of Hendricks County’s lowest school tax rates. At the same time, we have provided an excellent education to our students, evidenced by our consistently scoring in the top 10 percent in every measurement category.

“I pledge to continue my efforts to maximize the education opportunities available to our children, while at the same time, to closely monitor all expenditures to ensure tax dollars are spent wisely. Simply stated, I pledge to continue to do what is best for the kids.”